Another long journey?

Coming back to one’s daily life from such a long journey is always so hard, I think that’s why many people adjust a short trip and are afraid of traveling so long. Unfortunately that’s what had happened to me when I finished my trip in 2013. Over 90 days, more than 10 countries within the time. After a while I refused to travel around, just because of the fear that I would get.

After my university graduation, I got to work at an international company in Seoul branch, well of course, working is always annoying and I have no doubts about that, but still, you can have fun in the meantime you work, right? I had a couple of nice and friendly co-workers over there, hence the experience wasn’t that shabby at all. But I wasn’t able to keep working with them since the project they were working on was supposed to move to Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. I mean yeah, I also would have liked to move with them if I were given some better conditions, but with all respect, I couldn’t agree with what I was asked. Life sometimes sucks. It wasn’t only me being fussy regarding the conditions, I mean nobody would like to be in the middle of a dessert for nothing. Being away from everything, struggling with such massive sand and everything. so I said “No way. I’m not going!”

Luckily I got a teaching job afterwards, it was pretty horrible, bad boss, creepy kids and unfit work for me. At least the work place I used to work was around 10 mins from my home, pretty comfortable, the boss wasn’t around all the time and besides all that, the salary I got was good. I’m kinda thankful that I got this job, even though the work period was short, well, technically I was asked to leave, I know I was such a bad teacher, not caring about children as much as the boss wanted me to do, not being sweet to them and so on. First experience being fired, okay, It wasn’t really nice at all first off but after some seconds I got out of the dirty feeling and made another big trip. It happened within a day. Wow.

I would like to share my personal opinions, feelings and everything about my journey. Please don’t hesitate to write your thoughts, any opinions or suggestions would be super appreciated.


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Hello world, I'm a treasure hunter of life experiences. I'm curious minded with a strong force for discovery and adventure. These days I spend most of my time living out of a backpack, traveling from one country to the next.

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