Bounding for Sapporo, Japan


It was never hard to make this decision, I was like “whatever, let it be, I’ll figure everything out as I go.” It may seem that I’m a crazy and not organized traveler. But well, I’ve never been fond of making trip plans before I go. Because traveling the world is almost like an unknown story. You never know what you will face, what kind of people you will meet which make traveling much more fun.

Alright, so, first round, I flew to Sapporo, Japan. First time in Northern Japan. Japan has been one of my favorite countries, despite the fact that I wouldn’t be able to live there for too long. For traveling, as a traveler seeking some comfort zones, nice services and so on, Japan is pretty awesome. Besides it’s extremely close to where I am, that’s also a plus.

Thankfully these days there are many sort of low budged flights here in South Korea, apparently many people are using them, though they are either highly limited or not safe at all.

12065837_10207989701684183_7980595514340735642_n Waiting for my flight. Flying is always so exciting, no matter where I fly to.

It was like between my 4th and 5th time in Japan, nevertheless, being abroad can be always complicating, especially if you don’t know the language. However I always enjoy asking to people, using my map and so on. Thanks to my iPhone and its functions everything came out better, hence it didn’t take such a long time to meet my couch host.

3 thoughts that always cross my mind whenever I’m in Japan.

  • Cleanness : Perhaps one of the cleanest countries on the planet. I’ve been to Tokyo, Yokohama, Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Saga and Sapporo at the end.
  • Kindness : I don’t know what those people think in their mind, but as far as I see them and how they act, they are very friendly and willing to help travelers. Of course, there must be some exceptional ones, very rarely…at least in Japan.
  • Food : I’m not so into asian food to be quite honest, but Japanese food are always worth trying. Soba is definitely my favorite.

12189156_10207990831152419_2198844767605074400_nQuite unlucky, it was such a massive rainy period. I’m not so lucky with the weather apparently.

Sapporo seems to be a very famous city when it come to its own snow festival in winter season, other than that It’s not really crowded, at least that’s how I felt. But still, Sapporo is one of the biggest cities in whole Japan, definitely the biggest in Hokkaido area.

Made it to an economy food place nearby our host’s place.

The night view of the city from TV tower.

I always knew that Sapporo’s local beers were famous and well loved worldwide, but not this much! As a big fan of beers, I couldn’t just ignore them.

To conclude, Sapporo is pretty much centralized and all the touristic places are close to each other, hence you wouldn’t have to spend more than three nights in the city, unless you really love the city.

Walking in the park in the morning, one thing I admire about Japan is people are super quiet no matter where I go.

After having seen some bigger japanese cities like Tokyo or Yokohama, Sapporo seems a bit smaller and a bit less entertaining to me, well, of course my opinion 🙂

Next day I managed to visit Otaru, a small city near Sapporo, apparently many travelers also visit this city, beautiful view, nice ramen and beers, I’d probably recommend!

DSC00959DSC00967DSC00968DSC00986DSC00988DSC01001DSC01003Beautiful, isn’t it? There are plenty of stores that are managed by master craftsmen in the city, even if you’re not interested, you should visit there, full of entertainments!

At Sapporo beer museum.

One day I got fed up japanese food, well I do love them but I can’t simply eat same foods for more than 3 days. Alright, what can I eat in Sapporo rather than local foods? Italian, french, chinese and even mexican! Eating mexcian in Sapporo, not very pleasant but the cuisine was awesome 🙂

Any comments or advice are highly welcomed!

Felix 🙂

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