Life changing experience in Fethiye, Turkey.


Had I ever imagined myself going to Turkey before my 30’s? No way, I hadn’t. A couple of years ago I became interested in their culture and their food and actually I planned to visit there on my trip in 2013, but no, I couldn’t go further from Croatia, so couldn’t make it at the end.

Turkey is a very interesting country, first of all, it’s a very big one, connected to both Asia and Europe. Despite being huge, it’s convenient to move around based on their great transportation. Hmm what else? friendly people, interesting old history and so on. Many of those people having visited Turkey already had told me some positive stories about the country, so I was like “Okay, let me go to Turkey, It should be the first destination of this trip.”

Flying from Narita, Tokyo to Moscow, Russia, not a very pleasant trip, my body was already getting worn out due to some bad drinking habits the day before, I wasn’t able to take the meals on board, yeah, quite unfortunate, other than that I would have enjoyed eating them.

Okay, after a quite long flight I eventually got in Istanbul’s Ataturk airport. I’m not completely sure but it was pretty late, around 12 a.m to 1 a.m, I wasn’t able to go out because I had a morning flight next day bounding for Fethiye which was my officially first city in Turkey.

Traveling Turkey isn’t a very hard job since they provide quite nice transportation, well, the country is so big and if you take the buses you probably shall have to be patient and prepare something to watch or read, because in my case I can’t really sleep well on the bus. This is how I moved around.

  • Istanbul Ataturk -> Fethiye (Turkish domestic airlines)
    Fethiye doesn’t have an international airport, you’d better fly to Dalaman airport. It’s an hour flight from Istanbul or even less. If you are lucky you can buy some very cheap domestic tickets, just like me. Many travelers prefer to move by bus on the other hand.
  • Fethiye -> Izmir (Pammukkale bus)
    Takes more or less 4-5 hours, I was sick, so I hardly remember how it was like.
  • Izmir -> Kapadokya (Pegasus airlines)
    In order to get in Kapadokya, you should either use a bus or an airline, I landed up in Kayseri airport, which is a bit away from Kapadokya, but still manageable. There’s another airport called Nevsehir, I think that’s closer to Kapadokya.
  • Kapadokya -> Istanbul (Pegasus airlines)
    Pegasus is in fact one of the cheapest flight companies in Turkey, maybe the cheapest, they provide flights to Europe and also in Turkey itself. Oh wait, in Istanbul there’s two airports. The bigger one is Ataturk, which is very international and the other one is Sabiha Gokcen, which is located in Asian part of Istanbul.

Fethiye is a very nice city, a lot of english and german people come by after their retirement and enjoy the mediterranean sun. The weather can’t be even perfecter, when I was there, it was around 18 degrees. Hard to believe it considering it was middle of November.

Paragliding, my life changing experience

I challenged myself in the city as trying Paragliding, I was a bit afraid beforehand and almost canceled the reservation, but at the end I went for it. It was SUPER! Fethiye has been selected as one of the best paragliding spots and I’m not wondering why.

My tutor was so friendly, he calmed me down.
“Hey felix, this is your life changing experience. You will love it, I know how scared you are, It’s not only you, look at the others. They are all scared. One minute later, just one minute later, you will feel different!”

The first thought that was crossing my mind was “Life is so beautiful.” I’m not so much fond of saying it, but I just did. Life really is beautiful, I mean look at the view right there. My tutor and I had some nice conversations, he’s a big fan of a very big turkish sport club called Besiktas, I know this one from Volleyball and we talked a lot about sports.


My hostel is perfectly located, close to everything. Bus station, the sea, the sea market and everything.

An ordinary day in Fethiye.

Walking on the beach, thinking who to thank.


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