Tokyo metropolitan life.


What’s your first impression of Tokyo? Stylish, extraordinarily busy, crowded, clean, awesome and interesting? Mine isn’t so much different. I got to visit the city in January 2014 for the 1st time ever, just after my temporary job at school. I’d say it’s a huge city with a huge amount of citizens, a lot of western tourists coming by and so on.

The only reason coming back to Tokyo only for one day was to take my flight to Moscow, Russia. I could have gone more easily from Seoul, but I was like “What if I visit Japan and then go to Turkey right away?” My idea sort of rocked, I had found an insanely cheap ticket from Narita Tokyo to Istanbul, Turkey. Who says life is hard of mysteries? Damn, so right!

Waiting for my domestic flight bounding for Tokyo, Japan.

To be completely honest, South Korea’s capital, Seoul isn’t extremely exotic compared to Tokyo, I mean it’s so certain that both cities have a lot of similarities, more or less. Two of the biggest cities in the world.


I’m back in Tokyo, Yay 😀 I was in Tokyo for a week last time, it was pretty much a sufficient time to explore the city. Damn, why does time pass so fast?


I got to meet up my french friend, Tristan. What a coincidence, I didn’t know he was in Japan, as soon as my post on facebook got posted he messaged me to visit and we finally managed to meet up 🙂 He’s such a nice french guy. The situation we were in was pretty hilarious though, there was an old lady aside us and she was staring at us, I mean why?

We decided to drink out together, I mean I promised myself not to get drunk just before my big flight, but well, it just happened. It was super fun! Tristan is a really funny guy and we laughed a lot together. And we love Sake! I’m dying to go back to Japan for that!

Oh wow, were we this drunk? I mean fancy our faces! 😀

Shinjuku area, the biggest and busiest area in Tokyo.



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