Exploring kapadokya, Turkey.


I’m quite sure many of you have seen at least one picture of Kapadokya, you might not have noticed it’s from Turkey, but if you see the photo more carefully, you will realize that that scene is from “Starwars”. Yes, that’s Kapadokya.

It seems like this beautiful city has been a MUST GO place when visiting Turkey, I’ve seen people skipping Istanbul, but they thought they should visit Kapadokya at least for a few days. I now know why, beautiful landscape, a lot of things to do and see, especially if you are easily entertained by nature.

How to go?

Unluckily, it’s definitely not easy to get there, in my case I came from Izmir airport using a budget airline. It was pretty okay, well, waiting for the flight and getting through all the security checking are pretty annoying, but you can possibly save your time and money sometimes. If you don’t like flying, you can simply take the night bus from anywhere.

Lovely place

I guess 80% of tourists visiting this city want to go on a balloon tour, me not, I didn’t want to go for it, first, it was very expensive, second, too much touristic. Well, probably next time I’d go for it, I don’t know when it will be though. Despite all that I had such a great time in the city, meeting nice people and talking to them, exploring the beautiful valleys, hiking a special route and so on.

One of my couch hosts Atilla took us to this beautiful place. I was supposed to be a solo traveler, but thankfully Alex, Kate and Naomi let me join them 🙂 Speaking of couchsurfing, I was blessed to get invited by Atilla and his friend Onur. They have a very nice house and invite a load of travelers from all over the world. They are experts of Kapadokya as providing tour services and so on.


Beautiful nature, beautiful weather, nice companies to be with 🙂 What else do I need?

We took a hike, it was pretty awesome.

Hiking alone must be really lonely and exhausting, I felt so appreciated for having hiking companies. Alex, Kate and Naomi are (STILL) traveling the world, they have been to a lot of countries.

At first I was thinking “How can people live here? It’s basically like an infinitely big mountain.”


Our selfie 🙂 Alex is american, he’s married to Kate (Masami), traveling the whole world is their honeymoon, how sweet is that? 🙂 Naomi on the other hand has been traveling by herself. She’s such a challenging woman from Sapporo.

Pottery tour.

Horse riding

Going on a balloon tour must be very exciting, as I postponed that plan I went for horse riding in stead, it fits me better, more relaxing, slower and less crowded.

My horse was being extremely capricious, I don’t easily get scared but honestly I got afraid of falling down. Thankfully it didn’t happen though.


With some nice people. Benita from Australia, Atilla and Onur, my hosts and me. I’m super happy to get to know them, despite the short time.

Turkish domestic airplanes

I don’t know how many domestic airlines exist in Turkey, however I suppose Pegasus and Turkish airlines are enough to travel around, if you’re into traveling with airplanes. I myself don’t like being in night bus for a reason, hence I used airplanes almost all the time. I had booked those tickets in advance, more or less 2 weeks before my departure. The price was fairly cheap considering the distance. For example I only paid 70 Turkish lila for Kayseri-Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen, well, those airports are quite far away from the city, it’s like you get what you pay for 😉 Just like everywhere else, the earlier you book, the cheaper price you get. Remind it yourself! Otherwise you would have to get into hot water in the night bus.



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