Getting sick in Izmir.


Flying and getting used to a new country is a big deal, especially if the time difference from your homeland is more than five hours. I always suffer with jet lag big times, my body’s kinda sensitive and I get easily tired when I don’t sleep enough. I think that’s why I got sick at the beginning of my journey. Shameful though, I would have visited more places and would have had more fun otherwise.

Moving to Izmir from Fethiye was very easy, although I had a conflict with one guy in the bus company, I disliked how he acted, well, I don’t really complain about people’s attitude, I’m more like “whatever, I won’t see him/her forever, let them do whatever they want.” But this guy’s attitude wasn’t being even decent which made me mad. Imagine, being sick, conflicting with someone, awful.

Turkish tea

Turkey has got such splendid teas as they have a big tea culture. Unfortunately I’m a coffee person rather than tea, but since I was there I tried to drink a lot of different teas each day. No matter where I go, no matter who I’m with, turks love drinking tea, I think it’s pretty common in Middle east and eastern europe.

IMG_9278 Welcome to tea land.

Getting sick sucks!

I know how my body works and I know how to deal with it, but getting sick abroad really really sucks. It makes me dizzy, unmotivated and exhausted all the time. Upon arrival in Izmir I felt like crap, I wasn’t able to do anything else than sitting at couch and talking to my couch host. My host Oguz is a very friendly guy, he offered me a very cozy couch where I could sleep at, I still feel sorry because we weren’t able to do a lot since I felt ill, but still we went to some touristic places in Izmir, sorry for my ignorance, Izmir is way too big to be only for one day and I never knew it.


Many turks I’ve met told me that people from Izmir are more open minded and friendly, I asked why and the reason is pretty simple. Izmir is one of the most westernized cities in Turkey and its metropolitan area extends along the outlying waters of the Gulf or Izmir which means that people are used to meeting foreigners and working with them. I don’t think this city is as well known as other turkish cities like Istanbul or Ankara, nevertheless, I’d suggest you to visit, especially if you are interested in meeting local turks.

Oguz took me to this beautiful spot.

Izmir square.


When we just got there, people were dancing, I mean a very weird dance. I don’t think I have seen that kind of movement in my life yet. Probably some traditional turkish dance.

Oguz is an expert of Izmir, he knows everything about it. According to him this park is the wealthiest area in whole Izmir. Well, good for you rich people 😀

Turkish cuisines

As being a big fan of Turkish kebabs, I had expected to eat them every single day but there’s a lot of different kind of cuisines in Turkey apart from kebabs, I felt sorry for myself for being sick, when I get sick, I also tend to get stricken by food poisoning no matter what I eat.


Imagine yourself! You have these cuisines just in front you but your stomach can’t take them at all. 😦 Being sick really sucks again.
Next time when I’m back in Turkey, I’ll definitely eat everything. Ah, Izmir is also famous for its seafood, I haven’t tried them yet.

At the top.


Oguz and I 🙂 I hope I don’t look so sick in the pic!

I still remember the day that I got sick, as soon as we got back home, I asked Oguz to get my couch ready to sleep, because my body was partly knocked down and my eyes were getting red which probably means I was extremely sick. But hey, we had a great time in Izmir center, just not very lucky with my health conditions.


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