Back in Prague!

Welp, I like all questions if they are related to traveling, I also like to ask because It’s always nice to know about something I never knew about. People ask me which city in Europe I’d like to live or to go back with my future partner. That’s a hard question indeed, because it’s rather hard to pick only one city or one specific country. But if I ever get forced to answer, it definitely will be Prague, Czech Republic.

Why prague?

I went to Prague in November, 2013 for the first time. What did I know about this fantabulous city beforehand? Such a romantic city with an amazing atmosphere, full of tourists from all over the world, sausage, premium quality beers, Charles Bridge which is the oldest bridge in whole Europe, I think I knew about all of them, leastwise on a decent level. I was thinking why the hell I was an expert of this city even before an actual visit. I got to watch a film also a drama set in Prague. That’s how I became eager to visit and get to know the city.

Pegasus Airlines

For those who seeking a cheap flight from Istanbul, I’d like to recommend you to have a look at “Pegasus Airlines”, I think I had mentioned about it in earlier posts though. They provide extremely moderate prices, for example I payed around 35 euro from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen to Prague, considering the distance it was basically like nothing. Welp, I’m a budget-minded tourist, if you know what I mean.

Having a walk in the city

I love being in Prague for some reason, I like to walk on Charles bridge, seeing people’s street performance, no matter what they play, sometimes you see people singing, playing guitar, rarely violin, and even puppet shows. Besides all that I love the distinctive atmosphere of Prague, although I have no idea how to describe it. Imagine you become a main character of a romantic film, fall in love with some strangers, listen to some classy music and street performances. Amazing. I mean those are not really uncommon in Europe, but it’s a bit different in Prague, trust me.

Shame, the weather was getting worse as soon as I arrived. Sometimes I doubt if I’m such a bad luck when it comes to the weather. But Prague in a gloomy day isn’t so shabby, see the pics above, you will understand!


Prague castle.

Havel market.


Charles bridge

It’s pretty much a common knowledge, Charles bridge is the oldest bridge in whole Europe, Czechs are proud of the fact and I see no problem with it. Such a beautiful bridge, nice but quiet music being played, lovers kissing, tourists taking a load of photographs and so on. This bridge is so active all the time.

Sausageland and beerland!

Sausages and beers! Am I talking about Germany? I might be, but Czech Republic can also be talked when it comes to those things. I actually prefer czech’s than german beers, well of course both countries have tasty ones. Beers, oh god, I can’t even pick my favorite taste or company. But one thing for sure, in Czech Republic you get a very nice beer for reasonable price, obviously cheaper than Germany or Belgium. Besides, I love talking to barmen, it’s too bad that czech barmen aren’t as sly as many other europeans, but they can be fun to talk to at times.

Staying with french in Czech Republic?

I always enjoy couchsurfing regardless of the location, as usual I had requested to a couple of hosts that are living in Prague and thankfully A french guy accepted me. His name is Ciprian, he works and lives with his girlfriend Marion. They are hospitable and courteous hosts, I had so much fun with them. One day I visited their work place, as Ciprian seemed to be a bit stressed out (Well, who isn’t when you are working) but according to them they are happy with it which is a good sign for them 😉

Oh, speaking of couchsurfing, If my memory serves, I failed finding a host last time when I was in Prague due to my laziness, hence I had to stay at a budget hostel. Ciprian and Marion have a very nice apartment in the center of Prague, A very chic and french styled one. Apparently the french live everywhere on the planet, I’m saying this in a good way, I met some of them in Japan, Spain, Germany, Australia and even in Czech Republic. I love speaking french in spite of my bad level and hearing the language.

with Ciprian and Marion. I’m always so lucky when it comes to people I meet on my trips. I cooked some korean cuisine for them on the last day of my stay 🙂

Czech styled karaoke?

Ciprian and Marion asked me to join them going to a karaoke, honestly I was a bit taken aback because I didn’t know any karaoke that existed in Prague, second off I’m not so much an extremely outgoing person who can dare to sing in front of the audiences. But seeing people singing and dancing is always so hilarious and drinking beers is also a plus, consequentially we had a barrel of fun at the karaoke.


Let’s be honest, I’m a strong coffee addict but thank god I’m not an alcohol abuser. There’s a very nice cafeteria near Museik station, I used to go to the cafe every single day of my stay. I tend to get aggressive and easily feel down when I need caffeine, hence I’ve got to fulfill myself.

Slovak reunion?

Not sure if any of you are aware of “Sharedtalk”. Now it’s all gone although some rumors say they will be set up pretty soon. It’s a language exchange website where people can practice foreign languages, but also can make friends and easily talk to them if you’re interested. I met a lot of friends on the site, not only on count of language learning or practicing. Viera and I have been known for such a long time, virtually a couple of years at least. She was startled when I told her that I’m coming, she actually didn’t believe so 😀 It should have been lame if we didn’t get to meet up. Despite her tight schedule she managed to come and we eventually met up. She came with her boyfriend Erik and Anka, another good friend of them. They are all from Slovakia, a very close neighbor of Czech Republic. It was a bit pressing but a beautiful night in Prague aka “Slovak reunion”. 😉 Trying a local dish is always worth!

Since it was an examination period they couldn’t spend time with me as much as they wanted to, what a shame but despite all that, we had such wonderful dinner and great talks about everything. They study medical science in Prague, in some years they all are going to be doctors, how awesome is that? 😉

Being alone in Prague

Not a great idea, I mean I know that I’m a very flexible tourist as I prefer to do what I want rather than being dependence, but Prague is completely exceptional. It’s too romantic, couple friendly and extraordinarily charming, which means a perfect place for someone’s honeymoon. I hope to be back in Europe’s most romantic capital ever with someone I love in the future 😀



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