Heyho 🙂 So I moved to Brno from Ostrava, have you heard of the city? Brno is actually one of the most important cities in Czech Republic in terms of culture, populations as well as history. Technically it’s the second city in Czech Republic after Prague, but a bit more peaceful, less touristic and probably more relaxing.

Use the train!

In order to travel Czech Republic you probably would take either buses or trains, either one is fine as they are moderate. I always prefer taking trains if they aren’t too expensive compared to buses. Get more information on this site about czech trains : (click)

Christmas market

Christmas is definitely the biggest celebration all the year around, also in Czech republic, people consider it as a huge event. Generally they celebrate it and spend the time with their family rather than lovers or friends which is common in whole Europe. Hence seeing a christmas market isn’t so weird in Brno, if you’re looking for a great shopping spot, there you go! You can buy everything there, from some trivial kitchen goods to luxury carpets.

Getting through winter in Czech republic can be rough I presume.

A fun performance by Brno teenagers.

The best way to see around

I always try to see if there’s a tower where I can have an overall look of the city and of course there is one in Brno too. I’d recommend you to visit there as Brno’s night view is pretty awesome.


I wouldn’t say Brno should be a must visit city but it’s pretty awesome to take a walk in its old town, especially in the summer it should be awesome! 😉

Peace and love.


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