On my way to an UNESCO World Heritage.



Yo yo 🙂 I’m back right here. So, the last czech city I’d like to write about is Cesky Krumlov, yeah I know, a very hard name to memorize. It was declared an UNESCO World Heritage as they keep the real beauty of the city. Alright let’s begin.

How to get there?

It’s a three or maximum four hour trip from Prague, there’s a ton of buses or trains going from and coming back to Prague, so if anyone interested in a round trip, I’d suggest you to take “Student agency” bus. They provide a very nice service, useful routes for travelers, reasonable price and in addition a free wifi connection. Doesn’t it sound perfect? I mean it’s kinda obvious travelers seeking for a wifi zone.

More information about “Student agency” (click) With this bus you can travel to Slovakia, Hungary, Austria and Germany as well.



Such a magical world

The whole city is quite small and harmonious, you could sleep over if you want, but I just stayed there for a couple of hours and I believe it was sufficient enough. I loved the walking route as it was pretty comfortable to continue and easy to find everything I needed. It’s like a magical world where you may think any magics may happen 😉 (More or less.)

I’m definitely sure this scene is what you expect to see when you are in Czech republic, especially if you are into charming architecture, there you go! Then Cesky Krumlov is what you are looking for, rather than Prague. Actually this city has been loved and visited by a big amount of tourists from all over the world. Nonetheless, it’s still very easy to move around and don’t forget to take a lot of nice photos!

Never stop eating!

I love eating, well, who doesn’t? 😉 I always try to get some local food my butt off, no matter where I travel to. One more thing I love about Czech republic is that eating out is always so enjoyable and cheap. Thank god, I hope they keep their own currency, never use EURO! 😉


Coffee time

Whenever I feel like drinking some coffee after a long walk, I have a tendency to choose a very random cafeteria. I seriously dislike being surrounded by so many tourists around, I mean that’s okay when I’m in some touristic places, but not when I drink my coffee 😉 That’s the joy of drinking coffee.

Things that I love about Czech republic

1.Beers : God, I love them! Many mention about german and belgian beers, but to me personally Czech republic is number one.
2.Eating out : Always so cheap but very nice cuisines provided!
3.Easy to move around : I love their transportation system, Prague’s metro can be talked in terms of that, as not being so huge walking also would be easy, but when feeling like lazy and saving some energy for going out in the night, metro is always THE right idea. Oh well, czech trains and buses are awesome too. They are never so expensive no matter the distance. Student agency is probably the best bus company in whole europe along with Swebus from Sweden.
4.Natural beauty : If you have been to Czech republic at least once you will perhaps agree with me. The buildings, meaningful monuments and even some random restaurants don’t look superficial and fake as the czechs like to keep the real and natural beauty.

Peace and love.


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