Slovak dream


The first impression you feel when you just get in a new country is very important because it can be rather disastrous or amazing and your trip definitely depends on the first impression. I’m in general too lazy to study about the country I’m going to next unless it’s extraordinarily interesting, alright, studying sounds too rough, checking some useful info would be great but I don’t like reading everything about the country or the city.

I carefully thought what kind of feelings I had before moving to Slovakia from Brno, Czech republic. A few years ago I got to watch a scary movie that Bratislava (Slovakia’s capital) was based, I strongly dislike scary movies and the movie was a disaster, not due to its bad movie structure or story line, but the whole movie itself! I was hoping not to see some ugly part of Bratislava, at least not just like the film. This is the movie(click).

Visiting Skalica

I’ve got a very good friend of mine, Ondrej. Two years ago when I was traveling in Europe he had asked me to visit but unfortunately my budget didn’t let me do that. He’s a very caring guy, courageous and also very curious. He came to the train station to pick me up with his uncle Jan and his dad. Staying at his place and talking to him and his family was probably one of the best parts of my journey. I love talking to locals, sharing my opinions and hearing some new stories. I’m not really sure if I should call it “A slovak hospitality” but I felt so much welcomed. He and Jan took me to a meaningful catholic church in Skalica, I mean Slovakia is a strong catholic country, hence seeing churches everywhere you go is not so weird at all.

Skalica is like an hour away from Bratislava.
Ondrej studies in the capital but all of his family are from Skalica.

God, I love his family. I don’t even want to imagine myself being in Slovakia without them ❤ It was a short time, nonetheless I felt like I had known them for a long time.
Alenka (Ondrej’s mom) is such a good cook, she served me very nice foods all the time.


I never had thought the selfie stick (bought it in Istanbul by chance) would be this useful 😀

Mass time

As a catholic, I had been always so eager to visit Slovakia and give mass there. Luckily Ondrej’s other cousin works at a church in the very center of Bratislava and we got to visit there. Even though I wasn’t able to understand what they were saying and what they were praying for, it was worth. It had been on my bucket list as well.


Slovakia and Czech republic used to be together historically, hence their languages are almost the same, they have no problem to understand each other, cuisines, culture, customs and life style aren’t so much different. But while Prague is being loved by a lot of tourists from all over the world, probably one of the best loved cities in Europe, Bratislava seems to be a bit too unknown, maybe due to lack of promotions or something. Obviously there’s much more touristic spots in Prague than Bratislava and they have made better structures and so on whereas Bratislava is like a very quiet capital city.

I don’t know what you had felt but in my opinion Bratislava’s architecture is a bit more modern than Prague’s, even though there’s no huge difference between them.


A beautiful night view.

Never estimate a city or a country beforehand, because that’s completely wrong 😉 

Staying at a catholic student dorm.

As Ondrej had told me that he was able to host me in Bratislava I was pretty sure it would be a small apartment or at least something similar, surprise, it was a catholic student dorm, well…even better! A perfect place for someone who’s interested in slovak catholic culture.

Ondrej’s dorm mates welcomed me so warmly, nothing to wonder though, every slovak person I’ve met was always so kind and warm. After a while they had asked me to give a small presentation about my trip, first off I was a bit abashed, but okay why not, I showed them all the pics I had taken in Turkey, Japan, Czech Republic (probably not so interesting anymore for them) and some others.


Peace and love


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