The three things that you may be attracted to Budapest


Going back to a city that you already have been to is always so exciting, I love thinking of the experiences I had before and all the good memories make me eager to go back to the city once again. I wasn’t sure If I could make it to Budapest on this trip as I had planned to go to Balkan as soon as possible and frankly I wasn’t so much impressed by the city. But well, incidentally I had to head since it was probably the best route in order to leave for the Balkan.

The 3 things that I love about Budapest.



A lot of buildings in the city were commissioned to celebrate the Millennium. the Underground Railway, Heroes’ Square and Parliament Building are good examples. According to visitbudapest, 1896 is a very important year for Hungarian architecture as this was 1000th anniversary of the arrival of the Magyars to Hungary. I find all the buildings very unique and entertaining to look at.

2.Easy to come, easy to go

Budapest’s most common transportation is metro. And the metro takes you everywhere in the city. Besides it’s so cheap to travel around, especially if you feel tired of the high expense in western Europe.

3.Couchsurfing experiences

I’ve been pretty blessed when it comes to couchsurfing in Budapest. Back then in 2013, I had the honor to be the first guest of Istavan, who now is a good friend of mine. I had such a great time with him and his flatmates, although he was too way busy to adjust a time to meet me up this time. Well, even if that happens, don’t ever get frustrated as you have alternative. Peter, a gentle hungarian business man kindly invited me to his neat apartment and I had spent one night over there.

Taking a long walk in the city. I visited all the touristic spots back then, hence I decided to stay calm, drink a nice coffee and eat tasty food in stead. Besides all the weather was getting worse and worse, I had no chance to do something specific.

I’ve got a very old friend of mine named Eszter (Esther’s hungarian version apparently). I met her up in 2013 and it was definitely a precious time, she and her friend Daniel showed me around and took me some nice spots to take meaningful photographs. But I wasn’t completely sure she would dare to come to meet me up since it was a rough season for her because of a bunch of exams she had. But thank god, I love her. She is never that kind of a person who refuses meeting people due to personal stuff like some people 😉 I know it’s no one’s fault but I still feel very appreciated.

Definitely not my favorite pic, but you look good Eszti. “Time flies like an arrow” is the right expression for us. We’ve been known for over eight years. INCREDIBLE! 😉 

She took me to her university. I usually don’t feel like studying but anytime I’m taken to any universities in Europe, I get motivated to study something which rarely happens.

Never stop eating 😉

My host Peter is such a gentleman, he made everything so comfortable for me as he had adjusted everything before my arrival.

Peter and me 🙂

Budapest is always so beautiful but I think the best part of it is definitely its fantastic night view. It would have been shameful missing this view from the best spot on the top twice in a row, I mean in 2013 I wasn’t so much convinced to climb up (basically taking the bus, you don’t have to climb up of course) but thanks to Peter I eventually managed to be on the top and get to see this amazing night view.

IMG_0471.PNGDefinitely one of my life pictures.

Peace and love.


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