A beautiful winter day in Split


Dobar dan! Kako si? 🙂 Apparently Croatia recently has been one of the most loved and visited countries in the world, especially for summer holidays as there’s beautiful coasts and some small islands to spend time in. I got to visit the country for the first time in November 2013, it was pretty unfortunate as the weather was awful. I had planned to go further, like to Plitvice national lake, Split, Rijeka and absolutely Dubrovnik, however I had to end up my trip and head back home due to my limited budget. Zagreb was okay, I wasn’t extremely impressed nor disappointed, but obviously what I had expected to see in Croatia was the beautiful coast and peaceful spots. Lame that I couldn’t make it back then.

But I finally made it to the beautiful adriatic coasts this time. As much as I wanted to visit some others like Rijeka or Pula I couldn’t go elsewhere. Man, I now know why people are so obsessed with the Adriatic sea.

My bus trip from Mostar to Split was definitely one of the best bus tours I’ve had by far, of course the roads aren’t so stable and sometimes you may get suck on the bus for a long term but those views are simply priceless. I’d be mad if anyone decides to invest and destroy all the natures over there.

Mostar – Split, I don’t remember the exact price, perhaps around 18-20 euro. When you travel Bosnia and Herzegovina, actually elsewhere in Balkan, you’d better get some cash on your hands as card payment is not available in most of stations.
The bus trip was precious 😉 But it definitely takes longer than 2 h 7 min. Maybe it’s faster if you drive your own car…

Juhu! I finally landed up in Split. I loved the first impression of the city. Beautiful, peaceful, a lot of smiles on the street, nice classic music and so on.

A very beautiful day in Split, Croatia.

Unluckily I didn’t manage to find a couch host in Split, therefore had to stay at a moderate hostel called “Split backpacker’s hostel.” The location is perfect, close to everything, 5 mins to the beach, you may go and eat out and drink out afterwards. Also, the staff was very fun to chitchat with.

Here’s a starving man! Yep, eating out in Croatia is quite costly compared to their neighbors Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.



Neno, our hostel staff told me there’s a very nice place where I could see an overview of Split, it was some effort indeed since climbing was required but definitely worth.

Split ❤

It was shameful I wasn’t able to find any host to hangout with and get hosted by, nonetheless there’s always people. I met two cool serbian guys at the hostel, one is a tatoo expert, the other one was a karate player, how awesome is that? We talked about a lot of different subjects and the most interesting topic was definitely the sense of rivalry that both Serbs and Croatians feel, nowadays young people don’t really seem to care and don’t easily show their nationalism even if they are strong right-wingers but sometimes in Balkan, a massive nationalism may cause a big problem. Neno, our hostel manager also told me that he was treated extremely badly just like an unwelcomed guest when he was in Belgrade just for being a croatian. I find it super thickheaded, I hope no one one the planet behaves like that anymore. Anyways, the conversations I had with those serbian men were pretty awesome.

The awesomest way of spending my last night in Split 🙂

Peace and love


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