Dubrovnik, the Adriatic pearl.


Hi all,

I’m pretty sure if you have seen a photograph that was presented as Croatia it should be Dubrovnik, the Adriatic pearl. No wonder why it’s been loved by huge amounts of travelers from all over the world. I mean there must be a proper reason for it to be called a pearl.

My bus trip from Split to Dubrovnik was so much fun, of course being on the bus for a couple of hours without any entertainments is tiresome but when you travel, that’s also a MUST, not an option. Hence, you better get used to it and love it! 😉

For some reason I didn’t want to book a hostel beforehand, I still don’t get it, because Dubrovnik could be full of travelers so any hostels you visit also could be full, then what can you do? Sleep on the beach? But thankfully that doesn’t easily happen, especially in winter. Besides, Neno, our hostel manager in Split had told me it’s going to be super easy to find an accommodation since the period wasn’t so popular. Well, there you go, he didn’t tell me that for nothing.

While the hostel being empty and not being able to pay and get my key on my hands, I decided to go to the old town and take a lot of gorgeous pics. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? 🙂 Buses are often used in Dubrovnik, but it was such a nice walk from my hostel to the old town, even though it took so much longer than I had expected. Imagine you walk flaking on the sea, the sun, the beautiful weather and so on. Those were exactly my expectation.

I think it’s a common idea to travel from Split to Dubrovnik, because I wasn’t the only person who traveled that way, I saw 2 guys from my hostel of Split taking the same bus that I took and two canadian girls in the very center of the old town as well. Obviously I recognized them and so did they. So, if that happens to you too, don’t ever think it’s a coincidence, because it’s really easy to meet the same people you have met before in Croatia.

There’s a really famous (touristic in a bad way) castle tour in the city, I think every single tourist visiting this city goes for it, because so that they can see an overall look of the old town, the Adriatic sea and actually everything. Oh, here’s a tip for you! If you possess a student card that proves you are an actual student, you get a big discount, not many travelers are not aware of this fact sadly, so they pay almost a double price.

Perfect weather, perfect atmosphere and perfect spot to see the overview of Dubrovnik.
Apparently there’s over 150 pics that I took in the city, but this one is my favorite for some reason 🙂

Dang! Staying in Dubrovnik is extremely costly compared to what I had paid in Zagreb back then and even Split which is as touristic as Dubrovnik. According to our hostel staff Ana, the price has been going up in a surprising degree and obviously Dubrovnik is the most expensive city in whole Croatia. I was trying not to be convinced by any seemingly nice food places but well that happened at the end. I paid around 22 euro (around 170 kuna)

including the main cuisine (A seafood risotto) and a local wine. Not too terribly bad, but well I felt it was too expensive, probably because I had been fascinated by Bosnian prices.

Croatians must be proud of this city, you deserve it!

Life is full of coincidences

I’m saying it because It’s a real fact. I was just walking through the old town, having some coffee by myself and relaxing and was thinking if I really wanted to join a boat tour provided privately. But it was totally out of season hence there must be minimum 2 persons to start with. Okay, I was like “Oh no, it could have been cool to take a boat trip.” And that leaves me a very nice coincidence, I met up Rebecca and Sachiko for the first time. They also seemed to want to join the trip and Rebecca asked me if I wanted to. So we went for it and then we had some pretty nice conversations during the tour. I mean hey, this doesn’t always arise, when you meet some strangers but you already feel like you have known that person you talk to for such a long time. Rebecca is from Seattle, U.S.A and Sachiko is japaense born in Kyoto, they met in Seattle during Sachiko’s bachelor days and had been traveling together through whole europe. Their travel story was worth giving attention to as I already had been to many places that they were planing to visit. So yeah, that’s basically what happened and I decided to join them on a rent car tour in Montenegro. I never believe in destiny and I never want to, but doubted myself for a second if I was wrong at the time. I mean who on earth would have guessed we’d be the only passengers on the boat trip and head to the same destination after Croatia?

With such a little cheeky dubrovnikan boy! 😉

Three things you should know about Dubrovnik.

  • Local wines – Dubrovnik’s local wines don’t seem to be as famous as the city itself, but they are definitely worth a try. Especially if you are fond of wines rather than any other alcohols. Also, there’s a wine tour that you may try, I haven’t gone for it though, but that’s my plan for next visit. More info about the wine tour (click)
  • Slippery main street – Ladies, you better not wear your dang high heels over there. Sometimes it’s nice to be cautious! 😉
  • in December, all the bus trips in the city are free after 18.00 just because of the fact that Christmas approaches soon. (It might change for sure)

Peace and love


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