Wifi or Usim card?

Hi everyone,

As some of my friends have been asking me, I decided to write a post about it. Wifi or Usim card, that’s definitely going to be your Sophie’s choice. Each single has its merits and faults, personally I prefer getting an usim card rather than sticking to wifi zones. Then you may doubt if that’s really needed. To me, more like unfortunately it is. It’s simply because I get lost all the time even with a stable internet at times. My sense of direction is a zero, completely. Hence It calms me down when google map gives me directions, like where to go and what street I’m in. Besides, it’s a lot easier to communicate with your friends, in some parts of europe you may get into trouble with finding a good wifi and I’ve had sufficient experiences. Once I wasn’t able to join the party I would like to go to because I got lost while reaching the place and time was up when I finally got there. If you couchsurf, An internet with yourself could be extremely helpful because you should always contact your host or surfer.

How do I get an Usim card?

Easy-peasy, don’t ever worry about it, it should be done within 10 mins, or even less. Go visit a telephone company, it doesn’t have to be the best one in the world, but most of them are pretty decent. In general A card for a short term (3 days to a month or even longer) includes free phone calls for 100 mins and A sufficient amount of internet (from 300MB to 5G, it depends). But just in case, carry your passport with yourself, because at times people on the telephone company requires you to prove that you are traveling and a foreign tourist. Most of times they didn’t ask me, but it’s always nice to be fully prepared. Ah, don’t worry about the language barrier, most of them speak decent english, at least in Europe.

Is it expensive?

That’s really up to the country. in Western europe I presume that’s quite expensive, on the other hand in Balkan, you can get it very easily at a low cost (Especially in Serbia). I tried it in Turkey, Czech Republic, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia only. I didn’t feel I need it elsewhere.

  • Turkey : Vodafone TURKEY (According to many of my turkish friends, there’s a lot better mobile carriers than Vodafone in Turkey but I choose it simply because it was the cheapest I could afford. It worked fine, but never works underground.
  • Czech Republic : O2 (Paid around 300 CZK which was fairly okay)
  • Serbia : VIP (Actually this was not the recommended one by the lady I had asked to, but also worked fairly well and it was SUPER cheap. Only 200 Dinar (around 2 euro) with 2G of Internet and some SMS/Phone calls provided. Amazing 😉
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina : BH Telecom (Around 8 euro)
  • Croatia : VIP (Same company as Serbia’s, they just have currently invested Serbian part, but you are not able to use the same sim card, I mean if you have a serbian card, using it in Croatia won’t be possible at all)

Was it worth?

Mostly yes, because otherwise I would have been lost all the time and wouldn’t have been able to meet friends or couch hosts. But in some countries you don’t really need internet because of a big range of wifi zones. Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina’s capital can be a great example. There’s a lot of wifi zones or cafeterias, so if you do the legwork it should be all free.

As far as I remember the hardest country to find a wifi connection in Europe is definitely Italy, especially in Milan. I could be wrong, but I had such a massive difficulty of finding it and even if you catch something, that doesn’t mean you can use that for free or is a very unstable one.

Being disconnected from the world

According to my own experiences, it’s not that terrible. Sometimes you need your times to refresh yourself and think about personal stuff. Especially if you are traveling around, you’d better meet locals, walk around, drink out and eat a lot of foods rather than surfing or sharing your photos on Facebook. I mean, you could do those things when you are back home. It’s your choice, but I learned that there’s nothing even awfuller than being an internet addict which may lead you to being an attention whore (When you’re overly addicted to SNS). Once again, it’s your choice! 😉

To conclude, my mind kinda changed while I was traveling around. At the beginning I preferred having a stable internet in order to contact my friends or hosts or anybody else to meet them up and of course I found it very odd and frustrating to get lost (I’ve got a strong tendency to be worn out afterwards) but in a little while I asked myself why the hell I would get in a funk of getting lost, because that’s also one part of traveling and it was a successful attempt that made me stronger mentally and physically. I wouldn’t waste my precious times on surfing once again when I travel around, that’s just a no! 😉 Oh, unless I get stuck on the bus or airplane.

Hope it’s helpful enough for you! 😀

Love and peace.


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Hello world, I'm a treasure hunter of life experiences. I'm curious minded with a strong force for discovery and adventure. These days I spend most of my time living out of a backpack, traveling from one country to the next.

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