I love Montenegro


Hey you,

There’s one thing I learned on my trip that is I like to discover new things, go to some unknown countries and enjoy them. When I told people I went to Montenegro, pretty much nobody knew where that it was, which is a big shame, but that means that it’s a hidden treasure, I find the whole country (although I haven’t been to as many places as I would have liked to) so beautiful, actually as fabulous as Croatia. Maybe smaller, calmer and less crowded.

I pondered what I knew about this small country, not really much, but I knew that they used to be the same country with Serbia, but in 2006 they announced that they’d separate and they did it. Despite the fact that they still speak the same language (Slangs and directs definitely exist but they understand each other), the atmosphere of Montenegro is completely different from Serbia’s. At least that’s what I felt all the time.


I’d say it’s a smaller version of Dubrovnik which is just stunning. I loved the people there. They are so nice to visitors as they believe it’s a must and their kindness can be the very first impression of the travelers, I love that attitude. (Un)fortunately Kotor has been attracting more tourists than the past and I guess it would be full of people pretty soon.

Rebecca, Sachiko and I stayed at the same hostel, which was a perfection. Amazing staffs, splendid location which is connected to everything and stable internet as well. And we went for a hike together.

Hiking exhausts you hugely, but you definitely need to stay positive while you climb up. Imagine the fantastic view you’d see on the top.


We did it! I don’t even want to imagine how worse and unfun it would have been without these ladies. Rebecca is such a positive girl, she encouraged me every time I felt lost or worn out. Sachiko on the other hand is a productive person, she’s always doing something, no matter what it is.


Montenegro literally means “Black mountain” in Italian language, I don’t know how they got this name but somehow very interesting. I’ve had a bunch of hiking experiences in many different countries, thus far Montenegro is the rightest place to trek.

I’m not praying, that’s just an awkward gesture 😀
Sachiko and I got to hike the same route next morning. It’s incredible how energetic she is. both She and Rebecca inspired me a lot. We had a variety talks while climbing up.

Such a peaceful morning on the top, nobody was there. Only Sachiko and me. (Rebecca didn’t join since she preferred to sleep :D) which practically implies asians are way more productive diligent (of course j/k).

After check out we left for a quick exploration of Kotor and some other areas. We had a small brunch with some espressos at a very nice local restaurant and had a walk on the lake, that’s actually where many of my favorite pics from Montenegro from. Wonderful view, amazing hospitality and great food. I mean what the hell else can you ask? Nothing.

I know, but don’t mix up with some pics of random postcards. Every single piece in Montenegro is precious. Besides the weather! It can’t be even perfecter.

Oh here’s a funny story while we were at the car heading to some other places. We saw two local guys blasting such loud music that are played in 80’s styled discos. We laughed as our ass off since those weird songs were played and plus those guys were smoking with such a macho face. Not the best combination in the world which makes it even funnier. I asked myself what kind of music montenegrians are into, because the ones those guys were listening to are definitely too odd. Funny experience though!

Montenegro ❤

Not too common to see a cow on the street, but it’s still possible in the Balkan. I find it very charming.

Another thing I love about Montenegro is that even if you get lost and be in the middle of nowhere, there’s always people who want to help you out. That’s the same feeling that I had felt in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A lot of people we met in Montenegro speak very good english and are always curious about foreign tourists and how they find Montenegro. Once we got lost somewhere but thanks to some friendly locals that were willing to help us out to get out of the complicating route, we ended up finding the right way at the end.

At times I try to see the sky in order to refresh myself.

Mountain Lovčen

Definitely my favorite one among all the places I went in Montenegro. Amazing views. Anyone interested in Montenegro, I nicely beg you to visit this mountain. You will never regret it and rather thank me. Apparently many young students get to visit this mountain on a school trip or something. There was one guy saying that over 200 little kids coming within 30 mins so we’d better hurry up.

Entrance fee : 3 euro

We actually were hesitating if we’d really want to get in because we kind of got tired by driving and moving too fast but we finally decided to go for it. And it would have been such a big shame if we didn’t.

I remember once one random guy I met at my hostel told me (I think he’s from Italy) that when I get to visit the Balkan, I definitely should go to Montenegro. To be honest I wasn’t aware where the hell that is, I only knew about Serbia and Croatia (Most of people do) but not Montenegro any other countries. He was saying like “You could skip Croatia and Serbia, but you better visit Montenegro, you will be wowed and you will thank me for this recommendation.” And dang boy, he was totally right.

I still remember the feeling that had come up when I finally got on the mountain. Glorious, splendid and actually I felt as though I was dreaming or half asleep. As weird as it sounds…
God, life is full of beautiful stories. What if I didn’t meet Sachiko and Rebecca? Would I still have been to this fantabulous mountain? Well, here’s the answer. “Traveling is like an unread book.”

On our way to Podgorica

We didn’t explore Montenegro’s capital, Podgorica. We were extraordinarily busy traveling other places and as far as we had searched there was nothing big that had attracted us from Podgorica. (There must be, but we kinda had a rough schedule to adjust) Nonetheless we had to head off to the city because that’s where we were going to stay overnight. We felt completely worn out after all the small walks and drives during the day so basically we talked a lot and had some rest on the car. We had a difficulty finding our hostel, silly us, we didn’t bother ourselves to capture or take a memo of our hostel’s address, or at least its phone number,  hence we needed to get out of the car and ask to a couple of random people in the bar, but well, in Montenegro you never need to worry about it, because people are always willing to help you out. We eventually made it to our hostel, until then we never thought we’d meet such great people and have so much fun during the night.

Our hostel (called Montenegro hostel, same one as Kotor’s) was very clean and cozy. Sachiko and I went to a supermarket and cooked some tasty pasta. We were actually planning to go to bed quite early in order to get up at 8:00 next morning, but no, there’s always unexpected things happen when I travel. We met three brazilian travelers. I immediately noticed they were from Brazil simply because of their portuguese accent. I’m used to their pronunciation and the way they talk and behave. Edgar, Anais and Saulo. We had some small talks, it seemed like they were planning to visit the countries that I already have been to. Speaking of that, I never thought I’d be the one asking people to drink out, because when I’m home I barely do that, not even barely, because that never happens. It’s unbelievable how people change when they travel. Whatever. So all of us went out in the night, Sachiko felt extremely worn out and wanted to go to bed right away, but we anyhow convinced her to join us.

Podgorica nightlife

It wasn’t a weekend day if my memory serves, so we expected to go back to our hostel around at 1:00, but as a consequence that was completely wrong. Because Podgorica is like Belgrade, which means nightlife is one big part of the city. And we kept drinking and talking. It was unbelievable to hear that Rebecca and Saulo had a lot to share like the same hostel they stayed and the same person they met in Russia as they came through pretty much the same travel route. What a small world, huh?

Oh, here’s another thing I gotta write about. The barman seemed as though he’d die of boredom, first off I felt sorry that he had to work till this late, and then we were thinking that he was probably going to work whole night, but he wasn’t. As soon as we got ready to finish everything and go out, he turned off the music and everything right away. Rebecca and I were like “Was he waiting for us to go home?”. Well, it was a beautiful night indeed.

So happy to have met them and get to know them. The brazilians are from Sao Paulo which I’m dying to go to.

Here’s another coincidence. The brazilians told me that they were going to head to Pristina and I was happy to ask them if I could possibly join. Because Rebecca and Sachiko were not coming to Kosovo with me as they planned to go to Serbia and then to Austria.

With our hostel staff Mladen, he’s an awesome guy 😉 All of us enjoyed talking to him. He’s always there to help his guests. The montenegrian language lesson was brilliant too. Shame that I wasn’t able to make a video of it, it should have been cool. We still contact through Facebook and he’s one of those people made my Montenegro trip so much amazing.

Ostrog monastery

Next morning we decided to visit Ostrog monastery over Podgorica. Love this place.

I’d love to go back to Montenegro around in June or July, it might be extremely warm out there though which means swimming will be available.

Food, friends, beers and laughs in Montenegro = Perfection.

Five things I LOVE SO MUCH about Montenegro


1.People : Simply amazing. Same word goes to Bosnians.
2.The weather : Perfect.
3.Price : Always so cheap. EURO is their currency, nevertheless very cheap. Especially their taxi fare is amazing. Mostly starting from one euro only, so people prefer to take cabs over buses.
4.Peace : This must be the description I’d put if I get asked how I find this beautiful country.
5.Mountains : There must be a proper reason why the country itself is called “Monte negro” (Black mountain in Italian language).

Saying bye is always painful, but…

Unfortunately the time came out. As Rebecca and Sachiko planned to move to Serbia I was thinking it might sadden me and worried if some depression would come. Those two women are two of the most inspiring people I met on my trip. Once again, how unfun and unorganized my trip in Montenegro would have been if I wasn’t traveling with them? I still feel lucky and thankful that I met them even though it was by chance. I mean we could have been just some random strangers that were just passing by on the street. Life is indeed mysterious.

Every piece of our memory will stay in my heart 🙂 
Quite funny that we had started our trip in each different zone. I started from Japan, Sachiko’s own land, Rebecca did it from Seoul, which is mine and Sachiko started from Seattle, USA. I mean this is not so ordinary!

It felt extremely unreal when I gave them my last hugs and said good bye. Well, good bye thing never exists in my philosophy, there will be only two things. Hi and See you. Never good bye because we will meet up and have as great times as we had again and again.

Love and peace.


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