Pristina, Kosovo


When you travel, it’s either you feel impressed or disappointed. That’s pretty normal because not everyone has the same taste. I mean it seems like everyone is obsessed with London and Paris but personally I’ve never felt those are my type of cities that I would definitely want to go back later. I’m a very easy person to make satisfied, well of course my opinion, because I don’t get picky when it comes to food, hostels or couch hosts and actually everything. But obviously there’s some places that I felt unhappy to be, or physically sick. Pristina belongs to those two cases.

The night bus trip was pretty okay, I got waken up by the bus driver since I had such a deep sleep. I thought we’d arrive in Pristina around at 6:00 or even 7:00, but wow, everything came out so quickly and there was basically nothing I could do in the bus station at such an early time, it was around at 4:30. Chilly, massive backpacks, exhausted body and everything. As my hostel had let me know, the taxi fare would be around 3 euro only, but all the drivers were like “5 euro, otherwise I can’t get you there. 3 euro? Who said that? That’s like nothing.” What a rudeness, but okay, there was nothing else I could afford than paying freaking five euro, because my body was in awful shape and wanted to lie on the bed as soon as possible. And dang, I felt so much guilty waking the staff up at 5:00 A.M, of course he was sleeping and he seemed to be extraordinarily annoyed when I pushed the bell. “What an unpleasant guest!” That’s how his face looked like. Well, what else can I do? It’s a 24 hour available hostel…

I had a short sleep and then got to meet the brazilians at the kitchen. They got in Pristina last night while I was spending times with Sachiko and Rebecca. It must have been such an endless car trip, as they had to go through Albanian borders and then head to Kosovo later.

After our breakfast, we decided to visit a monastery. Basically my knowledge about Kosovo was a zero, I only knew that they were albanians, speak albanian, eager to independent from Serbia, had a lot of wars in the past and so on. Actually Kosovo was one of those countries I felt ashamed of not having studied about beforehand.

As expected, there are a quite big number of mosques in Pristina as most of the populations are muslims, we got to visit one of the most famous ones in the city. I felt almost frozen while I was walking, I didn’t prepare warm clothes to warm me up because I was sure I’d be okay with the cold, but no way, the Kosovo winter is a lot more massive. And the depressing atmosphere of the city got me feel a bit too down, although I was with Saulo, Edgar and Anais. If you’re reading this, I’m sorry! Sometimes I easily get influenced by the atmosphere nearby.

First off we wanted to visit Clinton’s statue but just headed off to eat out in stead because we felt we’d get very tired soon. So we had a very nice dinner (Not sure if it was a lunch or a dinner…), I got some mexican rice for 4.5 euro, I still remember how tasty it was.

To be honest I wasn’t impressed or motivated enough to explore the city, nevertheless it was more than enough to notice how much people from Kosovo admire Americans. Historically America is their hero, mother teresa or whatever you’d want to call it.

There’s not much left to write about 🙂 But you can visit there if you are interested in it.

Christmas decoration in Pristina.

Peace and love.


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