Swedish christmas

Christmas season in Sweden is busy but also empty at the same time, people stay with their family rather than friends or lovers, so it’s completely different from what I’m used to. On the 23rd of December Rasmus and I got to visit Gothenburg, we went to a beautiful rooftop where we could see the overview of the city.

52As usual, so stunning. He had spoiled that he was going to prepare a surprise x-mas present for me and I was guessing it would be something like a winter scarf. Guess what he had come with!


It was his awesome plan that is going to Liseberg which is an amusement park located in Gothenburg. How great is that? Last time when I was in Gothenburg I was kinda busy visiting some other places than the amusement park, also it costs a lot to be there. Thanks Rasmus, it was all you. As expected, Liseberg was awesome, especially on Christmas period. Many families and couples apparently got to visit there for a Christmas gift. The distinctive atmosphere, outstanding carol songs and so on. What else should I ask? I was sufficiently happy with everything and so was Rasmus. I’ve never considered Christmas as a big deal that I would spend all of my times and energy on, but in Sweden, it’s definitely a big issue how you are going to spend it, with who you are going to pass the period. We got to see a nice ice-show that was performed by Swedish teenagers. They performed really well, some of them fell down a little bit though. Also, there were a couple of santas hearing Christmas wishes of some kids and it was so sweet to see. The kids must have wished to get some nice toys, new princess clothes or some sweets like candies or chocolates. It definitely reminded me of my childhood.

“Don’t ever ignore the christmas wishes of your children, let them wish everything and make those things happen.”

The day after, we made it to Borås to participate in Christmas celebration of Rasmus’s mom, Pia. She gave me such a warm hug and I got to know all the family. Olle, Pia’s Norwegian husband, Denise and Melinda, Rasmus’s little sisters. They were shy at first so I felt a bit nervous about it, but as time went, everything came out so much better. We had such a wonderful christmas lunch. Awesome! As Rasmus had warned me, the cuisines were comprised of meats only, I mean I like meats and enjoy eating them but sometimes I have a difficulty of digesting them, well you know, having a weak stomach… that’s just my story. After the lunch we played the same Christmas game, same role but with different people. I obviously sucked at the beginning, got stolen everything I had, but well, as a consequence I did pretty well, got three presents that I was very satisfied with. It’s not only about what kind of presents you get, but more like you get to know the game and rule it. I can’t imagine of playing it every single year as the Swedes do.

The small gift presentation was so much fun as well! Denise and Melinda (who were supposed to be THE Christmas elves) opened all the gifts and read the short letters, it was so sweet too. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to prepare presents for all of us, despite that, they got some sweet small things for me and wished me a splendid Christmas wish. Oh dear, I love his family! Christmas is also thought as an “Non-stop eating” day in Sweden, at least it seemed so. There were a lot of different cuisines on the table, for instance after the game Pia provided some desserts, mostly sweets. My stomach was already full of food but I sorta pushed myself to eat them because everything provided on the table looked so interesting. Well of course, I attempted everything.


Pretty much the same things done at Rasmus’s dad’s place on the following day. He has a very nice house, it should be fabulous staying there in the summer as there’s a beautiful balcony.

Untitled-1 copy
God jul which literally means “Merry Christmas” in Swedish.

Speaking of his dad, Rasmus has a very special relationship with his dad, they talk as though they are very close friends (not dad and his second son…) or make a lot of jokes together. Despite lacking of swedish language, it was noticeable. I’m super happy to have experienced the typical swedish christmas with such a perfect family 🙂






Peace and love


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