Why do I love this country so much?

Getting used to a new country is never easy and nobody expects it to be easy anyway regardless of what country you are going to settle down in. Everyone is supposed to be different and have completely different tastes and opinions. To me Sweden wasn’t the hardest country to get familiar with, I stayed there before and many things there are very easy to get to know, people are willing to help you with everything and there are basically no language barriers.

What do I love the most about this beautiful land?

1.The language

Apparently many Non-nordic people think Swedish sounds like German, which is completely wrong. They are technically sister languages, probably Swedish is very easy for a German student and vice versa, but still, how they speak and the intonations are so much different. I love Swedish language very much, I love how melodic it sounds and I find it as melodic as for example italian. Well, obviously not a common knowledge. 52


Sweden has been considered as one of the leaders on the globe in terms of freedom and human rights. Everyone is equal in Sweden, at least that’s what little kids learn at school. They learn how to accept differences and not to be against anybody. Racism, Sexism and any kind of similar issues aren’t accepted. I’m extremely tired of being a victim of Sexism, you might wonder what’s happened to me by far, It’s just that in South Korea, where I’m living now, many women consider themselves as the weak of the society, I mean they don’t say this in the public or something, but every time I see or read some articles or even small messages written “A girl going to Europe by herself.” or “Despite being a woman, I managed to travel all around the world.” Well okay, let’s be honest, nobody cares your gender and there are a lot of girls traveling alone. With the same statement you could possibly be thought as a sexist in Sweden and actually anywhere in Europe. Hence “I’m a woman, so be respectful!” never works. It really annoys me when I hear or see those ridiculous arguments and “Lady first” doesn’t seemingly exist either in Sweden and many countries beside.

Let’s see who’s going to rule this dang game! We played it quite many times thanks to Rasmus who apparently got addicted to it 😉

3.Outstanding service

No matter you go, it could be a cinema or a small grocery store, you will see some friendly people there. It’s so common in Sweden that service industrial employees are extraordinarily nice to their customers. Same word goes to Norwegians. Because otherwise they’d easily be reported by the customers and even fired afterwards. There must be of course exceptions though.

Movie night. I can’t even count how many films we watched.


4.Swedish summer

Swedish winter is completely dark and depressing, it even saddens happy people, there’s no doubt why swedes love the sun. On the other hand, summer seasons in Sweden are just a perfection, leastwise to me. I totally hate humidity (It absolutely drives me crazy, once I begin to sweat, it takes a long time to make it stop…), sometimes I feel like I’m on a jungle when it comes too way much, however in Sweden, everything is dry and it could even be cold in the evening. I suppose the best month for visiting Sweden should be around May, June and July. The worst, definitely January and February. If you want to know how annoyed you are going to get by the awful weather, just go for it. But I wouldn’t do that once again, unless I live there.

Got to meet another friend of mine, Alexander in the center of Gothenburg. I know it doesn’t really match, but we had some greek cuisines.


As of 2009, Gay marriage is available in Sweden and a lot of homosexual couples are living together (called Sambo in Swedish). Just like I mentioned above, everyone should be equal and no one has an authority to hate somebody just for sexuality or being different. Sweden is in fact one of the most multi-cultured countries in Europe, which isn’t a well-known fact. But yes it is, they have accepted a big amount of refugees from Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia, also from Bosnia in 1990’s. So once you just get there, you shall see a lot of different races. Oh, don’t forget the fact that there are a lot of adopted people from Asia. I think those are the reasons why Racism shouldn’t exist in Sweden, actually elsewhere in the world.


6.Cold? Really?


I think it’s quite common to think that Swedes are cold and susceptible, but well, let me correct this – It’s definitely up to the person you talk to and what kind of things are considered as having a cold character. I don’t personally find Swedes cold, they can be shy from time to time and they don’t talk much at first, that’s probably why people tend to think that they are. And obviously they are not as sly as Southern europeans. But once you become friends with them, they will be just them and begin to make a ton of jokes. Overall I think Swedes are super underrated in terms of coldness and friendliness. You’d better not judge anyone so quick, let them take some times to get to know you and you will slowly feel different.

7.Swedish jokes

They have a very distinctive sense of humor, definitely unique. First off I wasn’t really convinced by the jokes they made and found them rather weird and sometimes mean. They like making fun of sexual issues apparently as they ask what sort of sex positions you are fond of. But don’t forget that it also depends on the joker 😀

That’s the face when I take SWEDISH JOKES.


They really like it, trust me. You’d better be ready to accept them and not to get offended, otherwise your life in Sweden may be hard 😀 I, myself love being sarcastic but here where I live, people can’t offer them and get offended all the time, that’s why I quite being sarcastic here. Sweden is THE perfect place to be sarcastic!

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