Oh happy day!

Oh oh happy day – Hi all, as you may have noticed, I’m furthest removed from being an opportunist, yet, if I see or discover something that could make me happy, I’d go for it.
So, one day, we got to visit a beautiful lake near Rasmus’s house. He said that he and his friends go to the lake very often in summer season, they swim and play some games there. On the other hand, in winter season, there’s not much that we can do. We came by Willis to get some snacks and sandwiches just in case we get hungry while walking.

It was Rasmus, Fanny and me, three of us, we talked a lot during our hike. Fanny traveled to Poland as her husband is polish from Poznan, she even studied polish for a while. Well, I admire her efforts studying polish, because I know how hard it is!


The lake was fabulous, fortunately the weather wasn’t being as poor as it had been. The snacks, sausages and everything! 1I’d really love to get back there in summer season and get to swim naked. Yes, as natural as it sounds, swimming naked is five times funnier, for those who haven’t attempted, I suggest you give a try! Well, at least in Europe nobody bothers to stare you even if you are entirely naked. 😉


Fanny 🙂

Fanny is a vegetarian, she likes animals and wants to protect them, once I saw her small badge or something on her jacket and I asked what that is as I thought it was a random tape. She’s also a feminist. I loved to hear her opinions. Some days later she served us a very nice vegetarian cuisine, It tasted like normal meats to be honest, so I wouldn’t really have noticed it if they didn’t let me know beforehand.

Rasmus eating an insect(!) Lmao, of course not!




Rasmus also had attempted to eat vegetarian foods only for a while and according to him, it feels a lot more healthy and also it’s easier to eat, because you don’t really cook a lot.

Swedish home culture

It’s very common in Sweden to invite your friends, colleagues and friends of your friends to your home as they have built a very nice home culture. I guess the main reason of it is definitely because of the cold weather in winter season and the high price of eating out and drinking out.

Gus ❤

I was impressed by their efforts on house decorations. They like to put things like a travel map or a bunch of postcards(if they’re into traveling) or something similar.

Besides it’s very important to finish your meals when you’re a guest, considering the big efforts of the host. Hence, it’s always fun to visit people’s places, they have different kind of decorations but quite similar to each other’s!


Something that is true in all parts of the world

Many comedians in Sweden are from the South, mostly Gothenburg area. I suppose it’s pretty common to say that people from south have a better sense of humor and are more open-minded. That fact also applies to Sweden, apparently. Just as usual, Sweden has different dialects everywhere, for a foreigner, it wouldn’t be easy to distinguish, but according to many swedes, people from Gothenburg region have the funniest accent in whole swedish cities. It probably depends, nevertheless.

Taco and Kebab in Sweden?

I know it may sound a bit unfit, yet, in Sweden many youngsters like to eat Taco on friday evening as it’s cheap and easy to cook, in addition, they are so tasty! 🙂  It’s never complex, you just need to take different vegetables out from refrigerator, some meats (unless you’re a vegetarian), chilly sauces and carbonated drinks. It seems like Mexican foods are being loved worldwide, not only in America. And Kebab! I definitely have to mention about it. As a matter of fact, there are a ton of immigrants from middle east in Sweden, hence you easily get to see turkish & middle eastern food places on the street and for sure they don’t cost a lot (more expensive than in Germany though…), so many swedes like to eat them.

Walk fast!

There’s one thing that I get easily annoyed in many countries, for example where I am now, in south Korea, people walk super slowly, they look at their phone while they walk and if they don’t, they keep walking like a turtle, particularly on the metro, it really puts my back up, but in Sweden it’s the opposite. People walk so fast, I presume it’s because they have very long legs and want to reach as soon as possible. I’ve been told so many times that I walk as though I’m in a rush, but compared to Swedes, I don’t even stand a chance.

Puss puss, until next time. Peace and love.


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Hello world, I'm a treasure hunter of life experiences. I'm curious minded with a strong force for discovery and adventure. These days I spend most of my time living out of a backpack, traveling from one country to the next.

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