Nine Things to pack when I travel

I thought it would be fun to write about things to pack when I travel around. Obviously as a back-packer, I try to reduce as many things as possible. The more things, the more you carry. Besides, everything can be bought while you travel, of course except for some home-made stuff.

1.Phone : This is essential to me as I need to contact with people, take a lot of photos (even though I also carry my camera as well) and use internet if needed. I use an iPhone6 64G. (the bigger, the better of course.)

2.Laptop : The lighter, the better. I write while I travel and from time to time I get paper works to be done with, which is very hard to do it on my phone. I currently have a Lenovo and I’m pretty satisfied with it.

3.Money (Debit card) : Well it saddens me to say it, but everything works on money. Oh well but I’m not fond of holding cash all the time, hence I use my debit card in stead. Paying a tax every time I withdraw from an ATM machine is a pain in my ass, yet, still it’s a lot easier to carry and gives you a lower chance to lose your cash. tylenol.jpgMy suggestion is having a VISA card. I’ve used Master, Maestro and Visa and the latter one offers better conditions. (It depends where you go though, you’d better check it before you depart)

4.Cologne : I’m not really sure how many of you bring your cologne (or perfume) for your trip, yet, I think I need it, especially for summer period, as I wouldn’t like to kill anybody through bad smell.

5.Camera : I have a SONY 5000 and I love it!
I was fortune to get it at the last minute.

6.Books : I always enjoy reading and it really entertains me when I’m bored. But remember, don’t bring too many books as they may be heavy and occupy a big part of your back-pack.tylenol.jpg

7.Tylenol : Definitely essential, because we human beings get sick and we don’t even know when we will be and how long it will take to be properly cured.

8.Diary : Usually I’m too lazy to write about my daily life, but it’s nice to take a memo and write how you feel at the moment. Imagine you read all the memos you wrote five years later. It’s going to be a good memory after all.


9.Eye patch & Decent earplugs : From time to time I get extremely sensitive when I sleep, so it’s better to bring them just in case. Nothing is farther from my intention to have a restless day.

Things that I always prefer to buy while I travel

1.Clothes : H&M, Zara (Not cheap anymore though…their price has risen a lot currently), Pull&Bear, NewYorker. Those are my favorites and they exist almost everywhere I go. Hence whenever I feel like buying new clothes, I go and buy them. Easy peasy.

2.Underwear & Socks : The same as above 😉

3.Handbook : It’s nice to know at least a few of local language. tylenolHi, Thank you, Good bye, My name is blabla. The more you know, the better time you have.

4.Foods : I dislike the idea of bringing some home-foods in stead of attempting local cuisines. first off they are so heavy, second they can be smelly (Everyone has a different sense of smell) and I prefer eating local foods in stead. Besides everything, I never struggle with homesick in terms of foods. I think I’m pretty lucky about it.

Alright, I guess that rounds off the packing session, once again, don’t ever take too much. Mine was realistically 11 kg and it was perfect.

Peace and love


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Hello world, I'm a treasure hunter of life experiences. I'm curious minded with a strong force for discovery and adventure. These days I spend most of my time living out of a backpack, traveling from one country to the next.

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