Wandering Helsinki

제목 없음-1Hyvää Päivää! After our new year’s celebration, I moved to Helsinki, Finland straight from Skene. Seriously, I felt as if I was filming a courageous documentary for backpackers like me during my way to Oslo airport. It sounds so rush right? yes it was…Skene->Gothenburg->Oslo->Oslo airport->Helsinki, I proved it could happen within a day 😉 but at the end I finally got to meet Topias who’s a great friend of mine in the airport. He came with his mother Maria and took me right away to their house. We had known for over four years, actually he and I were planning to meet up in Stockholm which is supposed to be like an intermediate location for both of us, but he couldn’t do that and we sorted this out as buying a cheap flight ticket from Oslo to Helsinki. I stayed at his place for a week, as Fins say, January is the most hostile period for travelers, because as you may have imagined, it’s so freaking cold out there!

I thought I was ready to fight against the cold and would be fine with that, welp, technically I managed to stay alive and not be killed by the weather, yet, I’d suggest all of you to avoid winter season for a better trip in Finland 😉

There was a big illusion, pretty funny though, I really got frustrated in Swedish price and I was hoping to get some cheaper (but still tasty) cuisines and nice drinks as well in Finland, SURPRISE! Finland is in fact worse than Sweden in terms of price, despite the fact that they use Euro. Not to wonder anymore though, the value of Euro has been falling down. Hence staying in Finland would ask you to pay a lot of money, but thankfully I had Topias who I stayed with. The weather was definitely something to talk about, we weren’t able to do anything fun during my stay, first of all we were afraid of getting frozen, second off basically almost everything is closed so soon in winter season. So, we just hung out peacefully like playing some board games, cooking, talking to Topias’s roommates. One day we met with my another finnish-swedish friend Julia. IMG_2370 I met her up on Sharedtalk first and then she came to Korea as an exchanger for half a year and she was already back in Turku, her hometown. We had a brunch together and talked a lot. We share common ground, hence it was so easy to talk and have fun the whole time. After lunch there was another finnish-swedish(It refers to the people living in Finland but they speak Swedish as their mother tongue, for instance people in Turku…) Emma. She wanted to shop in Helsinki and we got some chances to see around.

The next day I tried to starve as much as possible because Topias’s nepali flatmate promised us to cook some traditional nepali food, sorry for my ignorance, but what’s the difference between indian and nepali food? They are extraordinarily spicy and have a very unique smell that I would never be able to forget about. But hey, it was really really good, we all liked it, I even asked him to put more. I’ve never had any bad experiences when it comes to indian/nepali food. Dang, it makes me hungry again!

Cafe lingua & Finnish sauna!

I really enjoyed a very nice evening at Cafe lingua, It’s a must-go place if you are fond of languages, it’s just like a bar, but on every monday people come and buy some cheap drinks (apparently not so cheap for many people’s standard though…) and practice languages. It could be Finnish, German, English, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Swedish, Italian and even Korean! It supposedly is being more popular among exchange students in Helsinki as they can meet a lot of different people and practice their english or finnish. While Topias was focusing on his japanese practice, I had a sit on the Spanish corner and had some nice talks with a bunch of people. One girl from Colombia who seemingly has a finnish spouse, A guy from Ecuador just about to settle down in Helsinki, one girl from Malaga where I used to live 8-9 years ago and so on. It’s always so nice to know an useful language like Spanish as those people speaking spanish as mother tongue always exist everywhere I go. After a while, I began to talk to Gabriele (as just it sounds, he’s from Rome, Italy living and working in Helsinki).



He’s such a nice person, he helped me out with my spoken italian. After economical crisis in Italy, he decided to move to Finland and got a work in Finnish capital, he was working at an italian restaurant. And guess what, he speaks very well finnish! I don’t think I had seen any italians speaking finnish. He gave me his old Italian-English dictionary to help my italian. I love italians 🙂
They’re great people. As much as I would have liked to stay for longer, Topias and I had to leave to catch our last train heading back to Espoo.

Welcome to Espoo aka “Espoograd (We named it)” 😀

And the next day we invited Gabriele for a brunch @ Espoo station and then we headed to Topias’s mom’s house to explore the Finnish sauna. It’s just so ordinary to have your own sauna in Finland, but remember, you need to be completely naked!
I was so thrilled to experience the sauna, because even though I was totally aware of Turkish sauna (called Hamam) IMG_2399but I couldn’t try when I was in Istanbul, so trying the Finnish one was the best replacement and it was even better than I ever imagined. Just relax for a couple of minutes, talk to your friends and then get out and feel some fresh air!  While we were outside for one minute,
we incidentally saw two deers running around. What a shame, I wish I were able to get some better pictures.


Finnish Sauna!



Beautiful Helsinki

Happy Saturday 😉 Until next time, peace and love.

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