Lost in transition


I’ve been recently thinking what made me stay for a longer time than my plan in Sweden, Welp, a lot of different reasons, but these are what just pop out of my head will be.


Friendship matters more by a mile than whatever else. I had such a great time with my friends in Skene, they were kinda being busy at the end of my stay, nonetheless…

2.Sweden itself

It’s hard to explain, it’s just like being in somewhere you really have wanted to be, that’s just a perfect explanation. Also realizing that traveling isn’t quite sufficient to get to know a country, there are better methods, like living there for at least a couple of months. Well, if it’s possible.


My body was getting worn out upon my second arrival in Sweden, besides the weather also was getting hostile, my fault though. Nobody had told me to visit the Nordic in January, but still.

Apparently I wasn’t the only exhausted guy…

One day I just wanted to quit being such a lazy moron and decided to travel around, but still in Sweden. It’s not really a wise nor convincing idea of exploring the cold country in winter season. Basically, it’s too freezing to move around, nothing much to see, a lot of snow and many things are closed too soon. I don’t think I had seen a closed tourist information center until 2 P.M, obviously I was hoping they would open the door and get a map on my hands, but at the end nobody came to work.


It’s not really a big city, but worth visiting if you’re in Sweden. The city structure is pretty impressive there, lovely architecture and friendly people. IMG_3010IMG_3143

I was thinking the whole time “What if I visited here in Summer, it must have been ten times more beautiful and easier to walk around.”. Due to the melting snow I slipped quite many times, I know it sounds funny, it was actually, before I realized that it would be super painful.



For non Nordics, it’s not even easy to distinguish their language, Helsinborg or Helsingør, Helsingør or Helsinborg, the first one is in Sweden, used to belong to Denmark once upon a time, the latter one is still in Denmark, those cities are connected to each other and it takes around 20 minutes only by ferry. I wasn’t aware of this fact and never thought I would be going back to Denmark for another visit. The city itself is so small and apart from the castle there’s nothing much to see, yet, if you are ever in Helsinborg, you probably may consider visiting the small danish city.


Oh, I almost forgot to write a very important matter : There’s a duty-free shop on the ferry, and the rule is very interesting. You can’t purchase everything at once, I don’t remember what the goods were, but it’s just like only designated goods can be bought in one specific sea. For example I wasn’t allowed to buy alcohols when the ferry was in Swedish sea, but ten mins later when we we got in Danish sea, I could buy them. (Check it out yourself, if you are interested!)

Infinite delay in Sweden?

As hard to believe as it sounds and despite the fact that I really love Sweden, their trains are a bit too overrated. It sounds probably too skewed, but as I was thinking they had outstanding trains just like Germany, getting through two train issues (in a row) while coming back to Skene was some kind of disappointment. The bigger problem out there was that no one was informing us what the problem was, so we had to get stuck on the train for two hours. Okay, everything worked itself out the way it was supposed to be eventually and I was more than content to come back home without any seriously problems, although my body was almost knocked down when I finally got home. I believe it’s so common to face train accidents (actually buses too…) in winter because of snow, at least that’s how I’m going to think and let it go. I still love Sweden so much.

Learn Swedish!

I found out a very plausible excuse to stay in Sweden for a few weeks more, guess what it was? 🙂 Swedish language it is! I always wanted to learn the language and speak it in front of my friends in order to impress them, but I basically had got no chance to do that. Besides it’s never easy to use Swedish, because everyone speaks perfect english there! I was wondering for what reason they are that good in English and it’s pretty much reasonable. Swedish and English are pretty similar, hence it’s not a big deal to study English and speak it for a Swedish speaker. IMG_2751Plus, they get used to english by watching american or british series & movies, even if there’s a subtitle below, many swedes try not to see it because it’s always so nice to be better and improve it. So, thanks to Rasmus I managed to learn a lot of useful expressions in Sweden including a bunch of bad words. It’s a very melodic language, so even if they argue each other, you hardly notice that. I hope to be better and speak decent swedish when I’m back there next time.


One sunday morning Rasmus and I were in the middle of Skene which means the same as being in the middle of nowhere, but actually snow, and we got some nice photos. (Unexpectedly…)


Peace and love.

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