Have a nice time in Nice!


For some reason, Southern France always had been on my bucket list. Considering I already had been to different cities in various provinces in France, I thought it would be interesting to visit the South.
Welp, if the first step goes through well, the next steps just follow up, so once I decided to leave Sweden and go to Nice, everything came out as I hoped it would.

Welcome back to France!

My train trip from Skene to Copenhagen was definitely not an easy job, first of all, the awful weather! I hate it so much when my backpacks get wet and it never brings anything good at the end. Second of all, I just got noticed that my ticket wasn’t entirely paid on account of my dang credit card that does never work well. Guess what I did? I had to ask a friend of mine and she paid for me (of course I paid her back later). Let’s say it’s completely normal to face a lot of unexpected issues when you travel, and even if I’m aware of that fact, it still gives me a hard time to solve. Never say never, providing against a probable problem never has worked in my life. Nonetheless, I arrived in Nice airport without any difficult moments afterwards, I was hoping myself to be safe, because considering what had happened to me within the last 3-4 hours, I thought more problems could occur and I was afraid of that.


The first impression of Nice was, trust me, completely the opposite of what I had felt in Paris, Bordeaux and all cities in Alsace, and not to wonder about it at all.
Nice is a very famous vacation spot, most of the french want to spend a summer time there and when they retire and receive a retirement pension, they want to buy a house in the city. Quite hard though as it’s a very costly city.


After a couple of weeks in Sweden I really needed to refresh myself under the sun which didn’t exist in Sweden when I was there and I was hoping to get my body wet in the sea if the weather would allow me, as a consequence it wasn’t supposedly possible. Imagine yourself moving from a very cold and windy city to somewhere that a sunshine exists, I was so happy to be there. The first thing I did upon my arrival was taking off my winter jackets and stuff them into my backpacks, because well, in Nice you never need them.


Yves’s risotto.

I couchsurfed at @ Yves’s place for two nights and then I moved to a cheap hostel in the old town of Nice where is seemingly connected to everything A traveler needs to go. There were a bunch of people in my hostel room, one old french lady who just retired from work and got a very nice studio in Nice (Her room was getting cleaned, so she had to stay out for a few days), one Italian guy from Milan, one backpacker from England and one giant guy from Switzerland. It seems like Nice is a very loved connection for travelers as it’s close to Milan, Marseilles and some other cities. In addition, it doesn’t ask you to stay too long for an exploration of Nice, I’d say the perfect duration is three days, except summer season though. I really want to go back there in summer to get my body tanned, swim and probably dive into the mediterranean sea.


Speak french!

It saddens me a lot whenever I hear that french people are arrogant and they simply dislike speaking english, well, that could be, but don’t ever generalize french people, because each person is doomed to be different! Throwback to my first visit in France, I just agreed with the idea of french people being so stuck up and not willing to help others unless I speak their language. But as simple as it sounds, if you attempt trying at least a couple of french words, they turn into very easy going people. But again, it always depends on who you meet and who you talk to 😉

I speak decent french and I tried very hard to speak it all the time in order to avoid speaking english and practice the local language, even though I wasn’t with conviction and mixed up all the things I knew (obviously not really perfect sentences for the locals…) they seemed to perfectly understand what I was trying to explain and it really inspired my self confidence. There’s nothing more important than being confident with respect to speaking foreign languages. I love french anyway, it sounds super romantic and I love speaking their characteristic “R” accent, besides, I love the way french speak english. I know that it’s not a very popular opinion but I do, I find it exceedingly charming. (That’s probably why I studied it at uni.)


Paix et amour.

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