Live and eat like the french!

Hi all,

I have gotten a lot of questions as to “What I did in France” And it really gives me a hard time to answer. After my arrival in the South of France, I just put myself into very cozy mood and just tried to relax as much as possible. Furthermore I had no energy left to do such a big event like hiking. So what I was doing the whole time there was just lying on the beach, enjoying the sunshine, eating a lot of foods, drinking local wines and refreshing myself from the stresses that were disturbing me.


Cannes, Cote d’azur

Live like the french

I think it’s pretty much a common knowledge, the lifestyle of french people is quite slow and easy going. It is said that they live for vacations and don’t want to push themselves regardless of what they do. Some say that all the paper works in order to settle down in France are super slow and I know that perfectly well. (It’s not so much different in Spain, I suppose they’re even slower…)
But still, I respect their lifestyle and I was thinking how awesome it’s gonna be if I’m able to live just like them. No stress and no rush.

Antibes, Cote d’azur

Paris doesn’t belong to France anymore?

Yes, that’s what many people in the south say. Funny, right? Yeah it is. Literally, Paris is too exotic and extraordinarily multi-cultured whereas many other cities in the south still have kept traditions. France’s regionalism is quite big, but still compared to Spain’s and Italy’s, it’s basically nothing. If you travel France from Paris and go down to the south, you may easily notice the huge differences.
It’s incredible to see that they are still the same nations. I guess that’s why many people in France claim Paris is definitely not the best imagination of France.


What to eat in France

I’ve got to say that’s just a joke, you don’t ever need to worry about the cuisines in France. They don’t have to be luxury ones, I prefer going to some local bakeries and eating traditional French styled croissants. I swear that I’ve NEVER (And I don’t even think I’m going to experience) had any bad croissants in France, no matter which city I am. Having various kinds of breads with a cup of bitter Espresso definitely made my French adventure much more precious. Well, if you still are eager to know what to eat in the South of France, I suggest you to try Salmon and different sort of seafood in Nice.

The sunshine


Man, I never thought I would hate the cold. In my entire life, I always had been a winter person rather than a summer seeker. I used to love making snowmen in winter season than sweating like an animal when I was a little child. But seriously, A human-being definitely needs a sunshine. At least that’s pretty much essential to me.

12622158_10208557314314144_4634350961633136241_o.jpgNow, I’m starting to understand why so many tourists from Northern Europe and Canada desire to spend their holidays in a warm (or a hot) country. Because their penetrating cold could depress you and even kill you. I was more than happy to enjoy the sunshine and take a nap beneath the sun. But I think I’m gonna think differently when I’m back in summer season. Too hot and too crowded…well, it should be.

Where am I going? I don’t know…

Don’t be afraid of being lost


Well, that’s the thing. I got to visit Monaco one day and I have to say it was definitely a big disappointment, not because the small country looked terrible or people treated me badly, it’s just that I simply disliked the superficial atmosphere of the city. All the casinos and rich people getting on their high horse were not what I wanted to see. I’d probably have said the opposite if I visited there with a lot of money on my hands.

On the other side, Vence, Antibes and Saint-Paul de Vence were definitely three of my favorites in my whole french trip. Amazing people, splendid atmosphere, tasty foods and actually everything. I really miss the smell of orange. So if you ever plan to travel south part of France, start from Nice! Well, I don’t know how many cities you want to visit though. Nice is realistically connected to everything. Only one hour to Vence and Saint-Paul de Vence, 40 minutes to Cannes and a few hours to Milan, Italy. At times it’s nice to save up your time so that you don’t need to stay over in a small city and come back the next day unless you want to.



I’ll be back with my precious memories in Montpeiller next time. Until then 😉

Paix et amour.

À Bientôt !

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