French lifestyle – Peace and laid-back!

I’m a lazy traveler, I don’t like to be so pressured thinking where to go next, what to eat and who to meet up for fun. The scale of my laziness was getting worse in the period of my trip in Southern France, let me say the french lassitude and the beautiful weather extraordinarily encouraged me to stay as calm as the Mediterranean coast.
So I stayed in Nice for five days in total, during the stay I visited a couple of different small cities nearby and had precious times out there. And just one day later I just thought that I should move on and reach Bordeaux at least within one week.


Welp, I’m able to do anything if I put my mind to it and once I made my decision everything worked out as I wanted. I thankfully bought a pretty cheap train ticket bounding for Montpellier, First off I was planning to be in Marseilles for three days, but then I just changed my plan and headed to Montpellier. It’s old town aka “Tourist attractions” is very small, I’d say it’s even smaller than Nice’s. I couchsurfed at Victorien’s place and we were 4 of us, 2 Portuguese girls, him and me. After
a quick exploration of the city I just got back home and helped him out to prepare for dinner. I got some pizza and he cooked some salads. I didn’t expect him to have the same job as I did some months before I started my trip. As having so many things to share and talk about, we had damn good times together.

Alexandra and Cristina were so much fun to talk to, especially their motive for traveling had totally caught my attentions. After their college graduation they were seeking for something fun that could amuse them and earn some money in the meantime, so they discovered a very convincing program.


Vodka with Nutella, I know how crazy it is!

It’s like you are given a decent accommodation and you get to work in a farm or something like that. For a wonder, there are so many travelers on the globe working while they travel the world, sadly though not many people are aware of that. Of note, the girls are from two very small portuguese islands that are situated close to Africa, so in order to get to their capital, “Lisbon” they essentially need to take flights, otherwise no chance to reach land. For a city-born man like me, it sounds like a fourth dimension. 😀


If anyone asks me to portrayal Montpellier, my first word that pops out of my head will be “Easygoing” and “Laid-back”. People in the city looked super peaceful. I suppose even if something really irksome things that may make frown their face happen they rather make fun of them and forget them right away, very unlike Paris. Many years ago I heard somewhere that Southern french people have very similar lifestyles as Spanish and I don’t think I’m able to contradict about that. They are so slow, but peaceful, very talkative but friendly. If I ever come to France as a language learning student, I’d definitely like to study in one of the cities in South and the reason is pretty simple. I just want to be as laid-back as them.



On my way to the French version of Venice

Thanks to my friend Maxime’s recommendation, I got to visit Sète. Why? It’s simply one of the most fascinating small towns on the French Mediterranean coast, it somewhat reminded of Venice, but obviously a lot smaller and less touristic. Now I need to blame for the bad luck I had, because in general the weather there is pretty good no matter what season it is, but it was all gloomy and even rainy when I was there. That actually leaves me another new plan though, maybe I should go back there in May or June which should be the best period of exploring the city, according to locals living there. But I wouldn’t like to exhaust myself by standing up below the massive french sun in the summer 😉 Maybe I will just take a nice boat tour or lie down and just drink a lot of wines.


If you start your trip from Montpellier, there’s a lot of trains going to Sète, it usually takes around 20-40 minutes depending which train you take. Remember, they don’t regularly check your train ticket, but in case you can’t prove you have bought your ticket or get stolen (or leave somewhere else…) there’s gonna be a big amount of penalty. There’s no need to adjust a tight schedule to travel the city as it’s a very small and peaceful town, and is the perfect city to feel languid and relax.

Until next time,
Peace and love.


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