La vie en Rose, La vie à Toulouse.

When I asked to Victorien how to move to Toulouse, I actually expected him to say “Train” or “Bus”, but I ended up using “Blablacar” and it was consequentially a big surprise. I think I had used that kind of car trips before too somewhere in Europe, although I barely remember about it, Blablacar has been quite popular in whole Europe, especially in France. Let me explain what this is – Register on their website, search for the location you want to travel to and then you shall see a lot of drivers over there.


You can simply choose the driver then. Age, Gender, Price, The model of car and anything you want. It requires you to put some efforts because then you need to contact your driver and adjust everything like where to meet up but then it’s done. Once you get in the car, talk to your driver and enjoy your trip! 😉 I had been using blablarcar in France all the time and I felt satisfaction.

La vie en Rose


Toulouse is a city that describes the famous french song “La vie en Rose”, mostly due to its pink/red city architecture. It’s well known for the colour of the city. I had been to many different cities in France and and I don’t think I had seen such a ruddy city in the whole world, leastwise among where I had been to. I actually loved it, considering the fact that I was getting a bit tired of seeing all the same stuff.


EURO 2016


Despite not being a big fan of football, I was aware that France is the host of Euro 2016 aka European (football) festival and for sure Toulouse is also one of the host cities. I saw a lot of pamphlets in whole city. I had such a fantastic memory when it comes to Euro cup, back then in 2008 when the Euro 2008 was being played in Switzerland, I was in Malaga, Spain and I watched the final match (Spain-Germany) and celebrated Spain’s victory with my german friends. Haha, too bittersweet for them, but for me it was fun enough. Football is not just a sport in Europe, but a strong belief and another religion for Europeans.

12698173_10208625298773713_1934666519799683203_oI swear I said “Un café s’il vous plaît” five times more than anything else in French 😀

Nothing is more important than honesty

I stayed with Isabelle and her sons for two days in Toulouse. She’s actually one of the warmest hosts I’ve been hosted by. She gave me a warm hug when I just got her house after a 3 hour of drive from Montpelier and we talked about various topics. Well, it’s hard to explain how I felt actually, because from time to time I feel much more comfortable and confident when I talk to people that I haven’t been known for a long time (yet) and talking to a good adviser like her really helped me out. I had been suffering with a strong depression after my departure from Sweden. I have a tendency to get depressed quite easily by the atmosphere and for some reason I started to feel so down and the insane negativeness had been bothering me like hell. So I talked to Isabelle how I felt and why this had happened. God, what if I didn’t decide to meet her up? I don’t even want to imagine the “IF”… She gave me another warm hug with a word of realistic advice. That’s the thing, I’d like to live in a country that seeing a psychiatrist is considered as common as eating a Gelato on the street. We all get through hard moments and we all have different methods of getting over them, some just stay calm and see a psychologist or some just act like crazy and get drunk.

Moi, Isabelle, Antoine and Pierre. Feel more than honored to leave my footprint as a couchsurfer at her house. Merci encore! 😉

So this wonderful french woman taught me a very important matter that I’d never forget about – “Don’t ever be ashamed of telling your own stories and be honest, anyone can get depressed and there’s nothing to be worried about that.”. Thank you Isabelle, you really saved my butt at that moment.

Shit happens, but…

It’s nothing so uncommon to face unexpected (or some memories that you don’t want to go home with…) issues when you travel around. It can be a problem from a language barrier, transportation, culture shock and whatever it is, you’d better be ready not to get too much stressed since it can simply ruin your day. Unfortunately A shitty thing happened to me when I was in Toulouse. Isabelle and I were running around the park on the morning, I felt so refreshed because usually I don’t like to run and it easily makes me worn out, but in Toulouse I wanted to try everything and after having a very rough night the day before because of my personal problems, I thought it would be pretty nice to run and forget about everything. Well and then boom! I just dropped my phone while we were running by mistake. I panicked right away because I had been bewaring all the time of my phone til then. Well, nonetheless we kept running until the finish line and we got back home. Isabelle asked to a bunch of technicians but the money I’d pay to get my phone fixed was incredible. At first I was thinking of paying that money and getting it fixed but then another thought just crossed my mind. That was “I could fix it when I’m back home, with the money, I’ll keep traveling.” Besides, it was never impossible to use my phone, just cracked screen, but still okay. And I’m so happy that I made my decision that way because some minutes later I realized that I have a phone insurance so that I wouldn’t have to pay a big amount of money for the repair. Taking everything positively, I learned another important thing from that experience. “Shit happens but don’t ever look back.”

Stay home, but keep traveling!

You might ask “What the hell are you talking about? How can one stay home and keep traveling?” Well, it’s possible. Isabelle’s two sons, Antoine and Pierre, despite being very young and not being able to travel by themselves, they still meet a load of foreigners thanks to their mom. I was amazed by their positive and polite attitude towards me. I have seen an amount of impolite kids more than one can shake a stick at. Sorry if I sound like a boring old man, but education matters more than whatever it is. Talking to them was so much fun, Antoine kinda reminded me of my adolescent period and Pierre of my school days. I’m thrilled to see how much they grow up next time I meet them up.

제목 없음-1.jpg

It would have been so shameful If I just passed Toulouse or used it just as a route in order to get to Bordeaux.

Until next time,
Peace and love.


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