Back in Europe’s heart and the weirdness


Well well well hello all,

Today has been a grueling day, thus I just took a hot shower right after coming back home from work and decided to give a talk about my fantastic week in Belgium.

After a week in Bordeaux I really had to make a decision where to go next. Well, you could say it’s sort of a luxury problem, of course it was. Basically there were two options in my head. Portugal or Belgium. I really have no idea for what reason these countries dropped in my mind, probably because of the very seductive words about Portugal I heard from Cristina and Alexandra, obviously I had always wanted to visit Portugal one day, no matter when, but still, it was too urgent and I never wanted to travel the beautiful country only skin-deep. So, no. That just left Belgium then. (Considering I already had been to Brussels many years ago, hence it would be another great chance to get to know the country better) 1.jpgOkay, I’m going to Belgium, let me find my couchhost and book a flight ticket. As you already have noticed, I’m sometimes way too extempore. That’s why I always prefer to travel by myself, otherwise I’d have to hear my travel partner’s opinions and if we don’t agree each other, one of us should abandon and let the partner decide and I’m not fond of that idea. Let’s say like this : I’m too independent.

Going back to Euro capital

I visited Belgium in the beginning of 2009, for some reason I always had wanted to explore Benelux (Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg) and I was more than happy to know these countries. That being said, Belgium is an extremely interesting country.

Cycling along the path, what a perfect way to start my first morning back in the Euro capital!

Very small, Euro capital, Three official languages, Chocolates, Waffles, The pride of fries, Beers and what else? Honestly these are not just the stereotypes that tourists having not been to this country yet have. I find it quite shameful that many travelers just pass Belgium and don’t put efforts to get to know it, maybe they underrated it and guess that there’s nothing much to see, I’d say it always depends on what you like to see and what you like to do in the meantime, however to me visiting the fabulous euro capital is always an excitement.


It felt so weird being back in Europe’s heart, why? I don’t know, just…so bizarre.

On my way back to Brussels city from the airport, there was a pretty big car accident on the road, we were stuck for 20-30 minutes on the bus, but then I just got off and decided to walk to my host, Alexandre’s place. Seriously, he has got a perfect apartment in a perfect location. I really enjoyed having a look at the overview of Brussels from his windows.
He seems to be a very outgoing and easygoing guy, one day we visited a small photo exhibition that one of his friends held. It was super impressive, she put all the photos that she had taken from her trips. If everything allows me, I’d like to hold an exhibition as well, It doesn’t have to be a luxury one in a very expensive museum, however, I’d be happy to share my photographs that I take with people 😉

La Grand-Place


It’s always so nice to know the local language, oh, certainly I don’t speak Dutch, but French, I wouldn’t say that I’m very good, yet, at least I can make decent conversations and get my work done in the airport. La Grand-Place, literally it means “The grand place” in french, which gets swarming with tourists from all over the world. I love being there and having a nice walk through the streets nearby. The street food, the smell of waffles, hearing french, talking to people and making jokes and actually everything. Here’s the funniest conversation I had with a random man at a souvenir store, everything was (oddly) talked in French of course 😀

Manneken Pis – I know what sort of thoughts that pop out your head will be when you get to see this 😀








Haha then he asked me where my massive camera was, he believes (as usual) An extraordinarily big camera is the perfect description of Asian tourists and he didn’t (want to) believe that I don’t have it. 😀 One thing for sure – I’m not as diligent as most asian tourists. That’s just my ego.

Eat and drink and talk!

Well, as ridiculous as it sounds, that’s what you really have to do in Belgium. Eat a lot of chocolates and waffles and in case you happen to be thirsty, drink the Belgian beers. God, I love them. I don’t think I’ve seen any better beers than Belgium’s in my life. Germany, Czech Republic, Ireland and Holland whatsoever, at least to me Belgium is number one regarding beers.

1.jpgChocolates, how the heck can I forget about this? Jeez, I can’t even remember how many of chocolate boxes I bought and ate all of them. Brussels is also famous for mussels, but I don’t like them too much.

One day I met up with Mark, my Caribbean friend who just set up his life in Brussels with his Belgian girlfriend, Laura. It was super fun to meet him up, he’s got a bitching sense of humor, he made me laugh the whole time 😀

Belgians definitely hold their fries in high esteem. Thus, now and for ever let’s call it “Belgian fries” as long as there’s no french beside you!

He took me to a traditional Belgian fries place. Too bad that it was managed by Turkish, not local Belgians! Nonetheless, we really loved the fries and then we moved to Délirium Café. We tried many kind of local beers. After some hours, the bar was being full of people, according to Alexandre, my host, lots of Belgians visit this bar in order to meet foreigners. To make sure, you should have a look at your Brussels guide book, you will definitely see an explanation about that bar 😉

Let’s spill out – If I begin to drink and my cheek gets red, that means I will soon start to talk as if I haven’t been allowed to say anything for a long time. And that just happened 😀 (Don’t blame me for that tho!) We then invited some other people and drunk altogether. I think that’s a very nice advantage we travelers may take while we travel, no? especially in such a tourist-friendly country like Belgium. So we were around like 7-8 of us, the Americans, Mark and me. To be honest with you, at that point I never ever expected I would meet such warmhearted people by chance and get all of my worries off my chest. Funny, right? yeah it was, I felt like discovering unknown parts of myself or even more than that. Chase and Allison are a very gorgeous married couple, hearing their travel stories was definitely amusing, I think you’d have agreed with me if you got to hear about their endless trips. Traveling and working at the same time with a husky puppy (he’s super cute!), having lived in an enigmatic country like Ecuador and yet to come! We all had very nice conversations together as I have been to many countries that they were planning to visit soon and vice versa. I felt as if I had known them for a year at least. Maybe I was exceptionally desperate to find someone to pour out my heart to and they were just perfect listeners. I gotta mention about Camille too, it was so odd to ask her for a cigarette, then I invited her to our table and we talked for some minutes.

So happy to have met them, it was a total coincidence, we might have passed by on the street or we might have not even met up in the bar. You can probably doubt if I’m superstitious, even if so be that, I’m totally fine with that 😉 Our night in Délirium Café was like an unforgettably impressive chapter of my favorite book. That being said, I want to express how much I’m thankful to Allison and Chase for giving me such a perfect time and help me out to find out a different side of myself. I really mean it. I keep my fingers crossed to meet them up again somewhere in the world, let’s round off like this – The best time is YET TO COME ! (Mark, your time is about to come! just hang in there a little bit more! :D)

Pray for the innocent victims of Brussels attack.


What a disastrous tragedy, I was hoping for no more inhumane tragedies after Paris attack, it’s incredible to flash back all of my precious memories from Brussels, Paris and Istanbul. I pray for the victims of Brussels attack once again, still can’t believe such a magnificent city like Brussels has been tagged by terrorists and appointed as a marshaling area for them…Phew, it saddens me a lot to think about the family of the victims.

Paix et amour.


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