Thank you, Belgium!

Hallo leute!

Jesus wept, this week totally has been a manic week, most of days I had to work extra times in order to fulfill my tasks and what sucks more is that thanks to my current lifestyle, I got up at 7:30 on a Saturday morning. As I couldn’t stick to sleeping, I decided to write about the last part of my journey.

Okay, so to speak, I wasn’t feeling well anymore nor sufficiently motivated to keep traveling. Exhausted body, depression, bittersweet feelings and so on. I honestly don’t know how to indicate how I felt at that point. And I decided to go back home from Brussels. Well, as usual it was completely coincidental that I purchased a ticket heading back home. And the last day of my stay in Belgium, I visited Antwerp, my favorite city. I mean I loved everywhere I went and for sure I will cherish all the memories from there, but if I get given a chance to choose my favorite among all the Belgian cities, my vote goes to Antwerp. Thus, I explored the city a bit, took a very strong espresso and shopped as well. Shopping in Belgium can be amazing since most of stores in Brussels, Antwerp and Gent are on sale pretty often.

Just one hour but a huge difference


As I mentioned already, there are three official languages in this small country. Flemish, French and German. Let’s say German is not useful and that practically leaves only Flemish (Dutch) and French. I tried to use French all the time when being in Brussels and people expect me to speak that language as well, but in Flemish cities it’s completely opposite. Obviously they must know French, at least on a decent level, but mostly they use Flemish and also ask me in that language if needed, which means they say “Dankjewel” rather than “Merci”. Once they notice that you are not able to speak it, they then try French, if that doesn’t work either, then English. Be aware that Flemish & Dutch people are well known for their amazing English skills.

Irish pub in Gent


After Antwerp, I was planning to go back to Brussels to find out some unknown and nice streets that Jasper (my second couch host) informed me. But again, plans don’t work at all, at least to me. Mark, my friend told me that it would be great to see me back in Gent with his girlfriend Laura and Tim, their beloved friend who’s from that town. Well, to be honest I thought he was kidding because in order to be in Gent, I really needed be in a rush taking a train from Antwerp and later then I had to go back to Brussels in the night. Hmm boy, All kinds of thoughts went through my mind like a flash. Maybe I should go and meet them, it’s not everyday that we are able to meet up and hang out, oh no, I’m heading back to Brussels, I want to see the Grand place again and have a chitchat with Tamara(my fourth host in Brussels, She’s from Novi Sad, Serbia). Guess what I did? At the end I determined to go see them in Gent. Incredible!

So, we were 4 of us. Mark, Laura, Tim and me.
We drunk various kinds of Belgian beers. The bar girl was really friendly and she recommended me her favorite Belgian beer as a Belgian. Well, I’m not so picky though, I love all Belgian beers 😉 It was real fun to be with those guys and we found it shameful that I had to go back home the next day. Mark actually blamed me for being in a rush and said that I didn’t have to go back home that soon. But I still think that even if I stayed for a few more days, nothing would really have brought me, perhaps I could have met you guys up once or twice more, but…I was super tired and had no affordable energy to use. Next time we will have more fun and I know it!

Merci, la Belgique.

Thank you Belgium, you once again gave me a precious time.
You let me take several chances to meet great people.
I definitely want to be back there and get to know it even better.
It’s still a pain in my ass that I wasn’t able to afford visiting Namur and Liege, those cities must be really beautiful and I can’t wait to be there in the summer ❤


Thank you Mark, Laura and Tim for such a splendid time! It was very short, wasn’t it? Nonetheless we got to know each other better and I’m happy to have met you up! And obviously, I will see you all back in Gent!

Bitter or Sweet?

I almost had a heart attack on my last day in Brussels, as usual, the biggest reason was my debut card, it never works on Flight tickets, so I had to pay through an agency and dang, they didn’t get their job done and what’s worse, they weren’t even aware of that. Hence I had to get up early in the morning and contact them through Tamara’s phone, as expected they aren’t so easy to contact with. I got a severe headache after that, and funnily I haven’t got the money they are supposed to send me back yet 😉 That completely ruined my last day. Sad to say, I had no time even to say good bye to Belgium and all the countries I had been during last 3-4 months. Drat, even writing about it gets me another headache.

But I’m really happy that I made this trip work out and got to see all my beloved friends. Splendid! Paragliding in Fethiye, Watching a big volleyball match in Istanbul, Being back in my number 1 city (aka Prague), Giving mass in Slovakia, The whole Balkan round trip, Christmas and new year’s eve in Sweden, Finnish sauna, The precious times in Southern France including Bordeaux and Reunion with Brussels after freaking 7 years! I will always cherish these memories until I die.

Well, I’m not satisfied and I’d like to see more of the world.
Even now people ask me where I’m heading to next time and when I’m going, haha, I have no idea yet and I will keep my mouth shut, because I’m too impulsive and I won’t let anybody know before I go and land up in a new country! 😀

Vrede en liefde.


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