Bali, the Island of the Gods

Hello all,

After my last update of my 4th European trip, I thought it would be even nicer to write about all the old trips. I’m a human, so I don’t remember everything, but I will try to memorize as many things as possible from all the trips.

Heading to Bali


I like being and lying on the beach, I like keeping my composure and trying to forget about every bad memory that already happened. Bali is for sure one of the best Islands I’ve been to in my life. Well, I wasn’t able to stay there for a long time owing to my work schedule, nevertheless, I had such a wonderful time there and got another unforgettable recollection that I’d like to cherish. Before having decided to go to Bali, aka the Island of the Gods, I didn’t even know where that was and how far it was from where I live. Let’s be honest, I wasn’t so much interested in Southern Asia and traveling around that area. But as usual, judging something you haven’t even experienced is a bad idea.

I was impressed by everything in Bali. Warm people, beautiful landscapes, tasty cuisines and surfing too! Oh god, I never thought I would be a surfer one day in my life. I’m not very quick in my movements and I struggle a lot every time I try a new sport, surfing was actually the worst one. The water comes up so fast, thus you need to move as fast as possible to time the water and obviously I sucked at that.

My Balinese tutor seemed to feel frustrated. But yeah, it was worth a try, otherwise I’d never have known how surfers do that. Actually Bali is well known for it’s perfect seas for surfers. Every day, A big amount of surfers visit this island and get their body wet.


I definitely loved this place. Full of tourists, A bit too crowded and noisy, but still, you gotta see this one when you are in Bali.
The monkeys were so aggressive though, I got scared of being beaten by them when I was giving a Banana to one of them 😀 Luckily, that never happened.


Kuta life


Kuta is Bali’s biggest touristic area. What’s so funny is that if you already have been to Australia, you may notice all the similarities when you get to visit Kuta, which means there are a load of Australians in Bali. Anything fun can happen in Kuta. Massage (God, I loved it!), Nightlife, Shopping, Coffee time and so on. On the other hand, this place may be the worst choice if you’d like to see the real Bali. Many say Kuta is the most Bali unlike place and I’m pretty sure you know what it’s supposed to mean!


“Eat, Pray and Love” definitely is one of my best movies and that encouraged me to visit this island, I wanted to stay in Bali at least for a month just like Lizz, the main character of the film, but every once in a while, life never goes as I want and I couldn’t stay in Bali that long, so I wasn’t able to afford visiting Ubud.

Oh my! 😛

Three small descriptions of Bali

It’s way bigger than I ever imagined. For instance it takes more than an hour from Kuta to Ubud and their transportation isn’t in good condition yet.

Pizza lover!

I used taxi or motorcycle all the time. Well, if you see someone holding a motorcycle, you may ask him/her to take anywhere you want. That’s how it works there in Bali. Anyone can be a motor driver. (Just like in Boracay Island.)

2.Amazing people

Bali is for sure a very touristic island, for that reason I never expected people to be so friendly or caring, but I was totally wrong.

Over 500 photos taken within three days. Incredible!

Most of people in Bali were so nice and wanted to talk to me. All the negotiations I made in a market near my hotel were so hilarious, obviously I tried to get a discount my butt off and made most of them 😀 To negotiate with Balinese, you gotta be even more friendly than they are! Just relax and smile.


3.Little Australia
Sounds funny, right? I know it does. Aussies are a larger percentage of Bali’s tourist industry. You will easily see Australian bars there, in particular in Kuta area. The host in my hotel was also Australian, he had been living in Bali for over 7 years and never wants to go back to Brisbane, his hometown.

Things that I want to do next time

1.Staying in Ubud
It was more than enough to stay in Kuta for three days in a row. Next time, I will definitely get a Bali-styled hotel and stay there at least for a week.

2.Enjoying the sun and nature
Sounds easy, but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

3.Learning Yoga
I’m not quite sure if I can make it though.

4.Trying more cuisines
What a shame, I didn’t try Betutu (probably the most famous Bali local cuisine), let’s say that’s my plan for next time!


It felt so unreal when I arrived in the airport to head back home, I felt as though I had been staying there for only a few hours, short, I know it…I still kinda feel I explored the beautiful island superficially, of course that wasn’t my purpose and I’m still blaming for my crazy work schedule. Bali, I will definitely come back to you,

My face is everything! “I don’t want to go home…let me stay here.”

just be a bit patient and don’t forget to give me a warm hug when I’m finally back! 😉


Peace and love.


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