A throwback to my old times in Spain

Looking back, I’ve been so much blessed, having being given several chances to travel the world, study abroad, meet various people, learn foreign languages and everything. Thus far I’ve been to over 35 countries and I’m not satisfied yet. I love to discover unknown things and be impressed by them, I also like to talk to locals and get to know their culture. At times, it may bring a culture shock. All those memories have taught me how to be a better world citizen, solve things and become more social.

Today, I’d like to write about my Spanish adventure. Thinking about my stay there is such a pain in my ass, the period wasn’t really good, I was left alone seeking for my own identity. I questioned myself all the time and obviously there was no clear answers.

Do I need to go out and make some friends?
No, I’m just staying home and going to take a hot shower and sleep. I’m so tired!
But You’re in Spain, your life gotta be different, at least you should try.

I still don’t know for what reason I wasn’t able to enjoy my times there, obviously I loved being in Spain and it’s a fabulous place to be, yet, if you ask me, I wasn’t entirely satisfied. I stayed in Malaga for 1.5 years, spent most times by studying Spanish in a language school. Since Malaga is not a big city, there weren’t many students coming, even if they come, they just stay a couple of weeks. It somewhat helped me to improve my Spanish since I got 1:1 lessons, but from time to time I felt like talking to somebody, not only to my teachers. Well, everything came out better in the summer season as there were a lot of students from all over the world. I kinda miss this time, always so relaxing, peaceful and quiet.

Time definitely has flown by! I can’t believe it’s been over 8 years. Great memories, great people. I got to meet up some of these friends again in Germany, Korea and Switzerland. It felt so unreal if you ask me.

EURO 2008

I was extremely lucky to be in Spain when their national team won the EURO 2008. Trust me, Football is their passion, religion, life and actually everything. But, be aware that there are a lot of people not following football at all in the meantime.
Quite funny though, I watched the final match with my German friends in a small bar in Malaga, as we were supporting for Germany, the locals didn’t seem to be happy with that and we had argues (sort of). lol, fortunately everything ended up without any troubles as Spain won the championship. And guess what, some of the young guys outside got naked and began to run as crazy as possible. It was just tremendous in a good way 😀

One more fact – Spanish people can be very emotional, they like to express what they think.

Learning about life

There’s one thing that I learned recently : It’s very hard to realize how happy you are, before you get through hard moments and remember about good memories from the past. Sometimes I tend to regret what I did, what I didn’t or something that I wan’t able to afford to do, but it’s just as meaningless as talking to the wall.

My wonderful flatmate Loli. God, I miss this woman!
One summer day in Madrid. Look at the red pants, por dios! I must have had a very unique taste of fashion back then, because now I’m not fond of those things anymore.


Made it to Toledo, a very old city close to Madrid.


I wonder how I’m going to feel when I’m back in Spain after freaking eight years. Actually I can’t wait to be back there. The massive sun, laid-back people, Siesta, Patatas fritas (Andalusian style), Tapas, Paella and so on.

Live in Andalusia

Okay, when I spoke to Linda(who used to be my agency), she firstly recommend me Madrid or Barcelona, those are two biggest cities in Spain, but for some reason I wasn’t convinced. Thinking carefully, but still I can’t find out the proper reason why I was so much attracted to Andalusia. From one essay book about Spain, I read that Andalusia is exactly what you think to see in Spain and judging from my experience, it was so right. Each region in Spain has their distinctive culture, food and direct. Even in Andalusia, each city from that region is supposed to be different, well, not entirely, but somewhat the atmosphere and people are different. My favorite city in Andalusia is Cordoba as it’s a very easy city to travel around and also very beautiful.

Things that I miss from Spain

I really mean it. I miss having a Siesta time by myself, although if all the rumors are true, Spain doesn’t have that culture anymore.
2.The food
I can’t complain about their food. Tapas, Paella, Churros, Bocadillo con jamon y queso… Pff, I don’t want to name all.
3.My own walkway
I used to have my own walkway in Malaga, from where I used to live to the beach. Dang, I think I really miss it.
4.People that I used to know
I’m pretty sure they live in the same place in Malaga. Gonna be so much fun meeting them up again without any notifications beforehand.
5.The uproarious atmosphere
Seeing people buying the lottery, kissing each other as if they are in the bed, arguing on something really ridiculous, tempting travelers on the street. Well, I hated all these but everything proved to be the opposite right now, hell, I miss these things.
6.The smell of Orange
God, It’s impossible to describe the smell of it, it’s just what you gotta experience yourself. And I’m pretty sure Spain is the right place to do so!
7.Clara’s flat in Marbella
It’s such a big pity that Marbella hasn’t been a “MUST-GO” place when visiting Spain. Well, to be completely honest, it doesn’t give as much attractions as, say Valencia. However, it’s a very beautiful wealthy village where a load of retired English and Germans live. My friend Clara has a fantabulous flat over there and I can’t wait to go back there one day soon.

Haha, I still remember the last word I said to Maria del mar (my landlord in Malaga). It was something like “It’s gonna be incredible if I ever come back to Spain. I realistically don’t see a chance.” Of course I was being sarcastic and offensive, but now coming back where I used to live in Spain is on my bucket list. Unbelievable, right?

Peace and love.


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Hello world, I'm a treasure hunter of life experiences. I'm curious minded with a strong force for discovery and adventure. These days I spend most of my time living out of a backpack, traveling from one country to the next.

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