Bucket list completed in Berlin

When you travel on a whim, you quickly realize that you really like one country or not, there’s not much of a solution after. You stay, if you want to or you leave, if you don’t like. Hence I never dare to adjust a plan before I leave as I know myself very well. Plans never have brought anything good, it’s either moving in a hurry or getting some photo shots, which I’m not fascinated about. I prefer to take more times to take a coffee, have a nice walk through the old town, maybe hook up with some locals. Not as planned, but I managed to travel in Germany for a month, or even longer. It’s a big country and every single city has its own unique type of lifestyles, I know it’s hard to believe, but if you compare Berlin with Munich for example, you will get to see a couple of big differences.

Well, I liked my precious times in Germany, however, Berlin is anything and everything, just a perfect city. From shopping to historic monuments, splendid architecture and an amazing nightlife, let’s say Berlin lives up to the hype.

Eat Bratwurst in Alexanderplatz


When I tell Germans that I love being in Alexanderplatz, they say I’m just one of those ordinary travelers who want to follow the fixed route. I really admire the atmosphere of the place. If you haven’t attempted Bratwurst (German styled sausages, definitely something Germans are proud of), you don’t know Germany yet. When you get to the square, you will see a load of food places from such commercial spaces to traditional German restaurants. Rasmus and I used to go there every day and eat a lot of foods, drink all different kinds of local beers.

Berlin Wall East Gallery


All the murals or Art displayed all over the wall contain decades of important history. Every single section and painting has got its own story to tell, which is super interesting. As you walk along, you shall pass so many other foreigners admiring the paintings. I don’t know how much time I spent walking up and down the wall. If you are fond of history and paintings related to it, it definitely has to be a must-go place.

Checkpoint Charlie


It’s the most popular checkpoint area between East and West Berlin, speaking of which, it has been upgraded quite much in the last few years. 2.5 years ago, when I was there, there were interesting displays and a museum that share the history and significance of the Berlin wall. I used to get lost every time when I was there as it was always being full of tourists and hawkers.

Find out your favorite food place!


Rasmus, Aida and I found out a very nice Italian food place near the apartment we stayed at. The friendly lady served us tasty Italian risottos, pastas, pizzas and salads. But you definitely should attempt Döner when you are in Berlin. It’s like a German styled kebab.

Honestly it can be a bit too fatty as it has got too many meats inside. But once a week for example should be great enough. As you already know, there are numerous Turkish/Middle eastern immigrants in Berlin(or whole Germany), so it’s not so uncommon to eat their cuisines there.

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Quite close to Checkpoint charlie, in other words, you could easily move to the memorial. The 2,711 slabs are displayed as to not give order in an ordered society. Amazing, right? Praying for the victims in the memorial would be great to take a little breath.

Brandenburg Gate

All the pics describing or representing Germany must have been taken in the gate I presume. I loved to see the gate all the time, but definitely the best shot to see it is when there’s a sunset. The square gets lit up with Christmas decorations in December. It’s a very nice place to walk around, take pictures, grab some hot chocolate and beers and people watch.

Museum paradise

As I have mentioned already above, if you feel like discovering German history, Berlin is the right place. I’ve been to quite many museums from Nazi museum to Jewish museum. After having visited Auschwitz, I had grown very attentive to Jewish people and their history. Even aside from history related ones, you could easily find different kinds of museums in Berlin. In my experience, the Nazi museum(Topography of Terror) was the best one, but it somewhat depends on your taste.

Don’t be afraid of getting lost


Berlin is a huge city, I don’t think it’s a common knowledge, nonetheless, it is. It’s bigger than Paris and it has got very a complicating metro system. Well, if you have got used to the city already, it’s no longer a big deal, but for a traveler who has zero sense of direction, it may be a big trouble. There are two, basically. U-Ban and S-Ban, I mostly used the S-Ban as there’s a S-Ban station near the area I stayed in. Whenever I transferred or moved around, I always had to ask to somebody or check my phone. So even if you get lost and get in the middle of nowhere, don’t blame yourself, you are probably not the only one.

Of note : You’d better be damn lucky in case you haven’t bought a ticket and never have got caught by the checkers in the metro. 😀 We have, I mean…it’s embarrassing, but we definitely have, and had to pay 40 euro. So, my advise – “Buy a ticket! It’s not as expensive as in London or Paris at least.”


It’s still a big pity that I wasn’t so much into partying when I was in Berlin back then, even knowing it’s a party paradise. All the talented DJs and party seekers come to Berlin and enjoy the great nightlife. On every Friday night, girls get super busy to put on make up and guys begin to hit on the girl they like to go out with. It’s not like a Berlin thing, but since Partying is an essential (kinda) aspect, you should probably go out if you are given a chance! Don’t forget to get informed which bars or clubs you are heading to!


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I could have been lost without these guys in Berlin.

I can’t wait to go back to Berlin and say “Hallo, Alles gut?” soon 😀

Peace and love,

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