24-Hours in Hanoi

It’s always so hilarious to introduce myself to strangers. As always I say I’m courageous, curious, from time to time reserved but active. However the best English word ever to express me must be “impulsive”. I don’t like to be expressed with that word by someone else but I can’t simply deny it because it’s so true. To say that I always make last minute decisions, there’s a very good example. I visited Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital last September for a day, I think it was even shorter than 24 hours. So impulsive, but fun and memorable.

13 pm : Arrived in Hanoi. My friend was supposed to come and take me to the city, but he fell asleep, hence I had to find another way to move. Dang, I still remember the insane humidity out there.

14 pm : Got in the city, checked in and got to finally meet up my friend. He had been living in Hanoi for over a year, so it was so nice to hang out with him. We visited many touristic places. The big river, crowded market, church and food places. I always knew that Vietnam always had been affected by European culture as they were dominated by the French,

Who’d thought I’d grab some Doner in Hanoi?

but it was all beyond my expectation. Their breads are so similar to French breads which I’m crazy about.

17 pm : The best thing you could do in Hanoi – Being laid-back, as much as the locals. God, I love Vietnamese coffee. As funny as it sounds, I’m not so fond of sweet coffee, but they have really nice ones. My friend took me to a very classy Vietnamese coffee place near the famous church. There’s nothing funnier than having a coffee and talking to your friends.

18 pm : We headed back to the night market. Our clothes got completely wet due to the crazy humidity. I swear It was the warmest day ever in my life. Quite funny though, even though I started to sweat like an animal, my friend who got used to that weather didn’t even bother himself to wipe the sweat. The food was great by the way. Very nicely made with reasonable price! Beers were okay too, not the best, but I couldn’t complain.

20 pm : As you may have noticed, I’m not a huge fan of clubbing or drinking out at such a crowded and noisy place. But everything was on my friend’s hands and we moved to a western styled bar. in Hanoi, all the bars and drinking places (pubs or whatever you call them) must close before 12:00 AM, which is ridiculous.

Vamos a beber!

However no need to feel down! Because even if they close all the doors it doesn’t mean you can’t keep drinking and have fun in the bar. We had a very nice time at a Sisha bar. It seemed like young Vietnamese people are very curious whenever they get to meet foreigners. As they noticed that we are not Vietnamese, they asked where we are from and asked a ton of questions. According to my friend, that’s one of positive advantages of Vietnamese people.



23 pm : Clubbing’s done, drinking’s done, we got super tired but didn’t want to go back to hotel right away. Thus we decided to have a walk for a while but then we gave it up in 5 mins, once again, thanks to the weather. There was such a miserable drama going on at the bar though, I don’t even want to mention about it since it was nearly a disaster, but let me attempt. Two Vietnamese girls came and asked us to drink together. We were like “Sure, why not? Unless you girls go crazy and do something so dangerous.” But one of them became extraordinarily drunk (supposedly, however later we realized that it was just her personality, speaking of which, the same would have happened even if she weren’t drunk at all.) and started to hit on my friend who speaks very good Vietnamese. Guess how the drama ended up? She got jealous because I wasn’t willing to talk to her. It definitely wasn’t because I hated her or something, I was just getting so exhausted and thinking what to do after going back to hotel. Then she started to complain as though she gets really mad. We were just like “wowed”. There was nothing really much of a thing that I could do. I was sort of happy that nothing happened and we managed to come back to hotel.

Sisha time

Things that I like

1.Food and Coffee
2.My hotel
4.My friend – He definitely made my trip so awesome. Great friend, great guide, great drinking buddy! We had a precious time together. I promise next time when I get there we would share the stupid punishment from insane Vietnamese drivers! (It’s our tradional joke)


Things that I dislike

1.Corruption – Within 24 hours I saw more than three corruptions in the city, pretty painful to talk about.

Peace and love from Hanoi.

2.People seeing me as money – I’m probably not the only foreign tourist feeling this one. If you don’t look local, many of locals would consider you as money. But well, don’t generalize people.
3.Humidity – Crazy, crazy and crazy. As having been to many warm and humid countries before I was sure that I would be alright, but no…Hanoi is super humid. You’d better be damn ready.
4.The motorbikes – It’s not even describable…

It’s impossible to get to know a city within 24 hours, I’d say it was something like “A tester.”

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