Holland, Holland, Holland!

When I was studying at a language school in Malaga, Spain, the half of my classmates were either Germans and Dutchies. It was probably owing to the fact that they like Malaga more than any other nations. Whatever the reason, I got super interested in Holland and their culture including their insane language. Whenever we talked about future plans, travel plans or favorite places that we wanted to visit in the summer, my answer was only one. “Amsterdam it is! Holland should be the place where my heart exists!” 😀

Drugs, sex toys, gay marriage, orange and tulips… how can I be more Dutch?
These were basically the first things that flashed through my mind about the Netherlands. Such a small, but fantabulous country. I got to visit there for the 1st time in 27th of December 2008, yeah I know, a long time ago. Nevertheless, I still remember what I did there, who I got to meet up with, where I stayed, what I ate, which places I managed to visit. Some say my memory works only for meaningless stuff, however I don’t think so, I’m just a guy who wants to remember good things only.

My way to Amsterdam from Dublin, the Irish capital was disastrous, I drunk out with some Italian buddies the night before and I wasn’t able to get up at 6:00 in order to take my early flight. Unfortunately it wasn’t the first nor the last time that happened. Knowing myself and worrying about what will happen, I really shouldn’t take early flights even if they are supposed to be cheaper, but hell. And guess what, the first thing that welcomed me in Amsterdam was its enormous cold. Seriously, Dublin wasn’t so much warmer either but the Dutch winter was all beyond my expectations.

What to do in Amsterdam


Just like anywhere in Europe, Amsterdam gets even more stunning when it’s Summer. But having a day off in A’dam in New year’s even season wasn’t so shabby either. I loved seeing all the presents, having a walk through the old town, seeing the river, eating out and so on. The sex museum was a plus, you’d better go once you are in Holland. Go and see and learn why they’re known for freedom and human rights.
Booking a hostel in such a busy season was hostile though, I tried my ass off to get a hotel booked but most of them were already full or asked me a double price to ensure my spot. Moreover, Amsterdam is a costly city, especially compared to Berlin.

Say hello to the new buddy



The new year’s celebration was incredible, it seemed like everyone living near Amsterdam came over and they prayed, sang and even danced together.
What we were praying for was so simple. “Good bye 2008, you have been so nice, but it’s time to meet another buddy! Hello 2009, great pleasure to welcome you right here!”


Windmills of course, if you are in Holland you really gotta see them.
I wonder how this small country used to be one of the powerhouses in Europe, I mean sizes don’t really matter when they have got more things to make them up, however, It’s incredible Holland having a number of cosmopolitan stuff to represent their country.


I used to keep in touch with Manon, a great friend of mine (not anymore though). Before getting to know and talking to her I barely knew about Holland. I think it was like 10 years ago, or even more. She showed me a bunch of photos of Rotterdam, where she was born and she was living until then. It looked so interesting. Very modern architecture, beautiful river and actually everything. I couldn’t meet her up when I was in Rotterdam owing to some problems that happened, but seeing and wandering the city was awesome. The hostel, the bar, the atmosphere…I’d like to go back there soon if I get given a chance.



It’s a student friendly city. I don’t really know how I got attracted to this one, probably on account of some of my friends that I got to know in Spain? I really have no clue.
I actually had a heartbreaking story when I was there. My card got entirely empty since I spent all the money I had in Rotterdam. Jeez, it was so frustrating, but there was seemingly no one to blame for it. It was me who spent all, hence I asked my family to help me out but it was already like 11 P.M so that I couldn’t get any help. Then I visited a student house (sort of…) nearby and had a great time out there. Everyone was around my age and we talked a lot about various stuff. Seeing people speaking at least 5 languages so fluent in Holland is not a big deal, I think they’re gifted when it comes to languages. Most of the people I met there were so good at English and even German and Spanish. It was actually one of the most encouraging moments in my life. Man, God never gets mean to me. I met one staff and he wanted to help me out with my hostel and I’m quite sure I would have been lost and probably stayed one night like a homeless guy without him. Hey, it’s a big deal opening your wallet and borrowing some cash for a stranger. Jesus, I don’t even want to imagine not having met him up… So as a consequence, I got to stay at a moderate hostel. All in all, Utrecht itself looked like an awesome city, especially for youngsters since it’s student friendly, but to me it will always be cherished as where the dutch man that saved my butt lives! I can’t wait to meet him up again right there and find out differences in the city compared to 8-9 years ago!

How did I like the dutch?

  • Tall : Yes, very tall. No matter their gender or age or whatsoever. According to Wikipedia, the Dutch are one of the tallest nations on the globe.
  • Geniuses for languages : English is essential for them, I don’t think I’ve seen a person who doesn’t it at all or has a very bad level. They also tend to speak very well German since it’s pretty close to their language, French, thanks to their geography, Italian, as many are obsessed with Italy.
  • Cold but let the take a time : In my personal opinion, Dutch people can be a bit cold at the beginning as they are not fond of showing their emotions nor being facetious, but as time goes when they accept you as their friends, they will be really good friends. I’d have said the same about Scandinavians and Germans as well. Of course my opinion and it absolutely depends on the person.
  • Freewheeling : Not to wonder though.
  • Fast walkers : I don’t stand a chance to win against them in case we fight for the champion trophy of a marathon race or a walking race.
  • Good listeners : It also depends on the person you talk to, but most of them I have met were great listeners. I mean, it’s way nicer having them than having someone that is eager to talk only, that completely annoys me.

Of note : My favorite dutch sentence – Ik hou van jou ! 🙂 Curious what this means? Google could be your best friend ever!

Vrede en Liefde


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