Welcome to paradise!

Last summer I spent my holidays in Boracay Island, the Philippines. All in all, it was bitter sweet, I mean I had such a wonderful time in the beautiful island but also had some disastrous moments to face with and learned a very important matter of life.

Waiting for my flight.

How to get to Boracay Island

Not easy at all! The island is kinda isolated, which means even if you arrive in the airport you gotta take an extra bus to get to the actual island, pretty annoying! But as a consequence it was definitely worthy and you’d feel the same, I presume. The whole island is so beautiful, in particular the white beach is one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Too bad though, The wet season had set in when I just got there. Nevertheless, people don’t really use umbrellas, they put on a raincoat in stead, I don’t know how effective they are, but it seems like the locals never bother themselves to use an umbrella.


Tricycle everywhere

Yep, Tricycles are the most common transportation in the Island, there’s no other options. What is so funny is that everyone, even the person just next to you could possibly be a driver and take you anywhere you want to reach as long as you pay the money they want. Besides, the island itself isn’t as big as Bali for example, so it’s kinda easy to move around. Hotels, Resorts and Luxury restaurants are mostly connected to each other.



Seriously, my knowledge was zero when I just got there, then one of my friends who was there at the same time recommended me to do some water activities. Welp, actually my plan was just being as laid-back as possible, reading three books at least and sleeping as much as I can, but you know, plans are doomed to change, right? :p Overall I did quite many activities like paragliding, banana boat and snorkeling. As a noob, I completely sucked at the beginning, of course I got scared but then after a couple of minutes I started to enjoy every single moment, especially paragliding on the water was just fantastic.




I met up with Zen, Christian and Hil through the paragliding tour. I was alone and obviously to participate in the program I had to have a partner, I mean of course I could have gone by myself but it would have been a lot more expensive and also very boring. I sort of felt thankful for them for asking me to join! 🙂 Then we also did the banana boat tour and went out in the night together. Guys, I will cherish all the memories we had in the beautiful island! I really want to go back there soon. Let’s round off like this – Life is INDEED full of coincidences and we never know when we will meet up once again, it could be tomorrow, or some years later…


Stupid me, I dropped my phone into the water and it completely got off, thus I tried to get it fixed for like three times, but no one fixed it, actually my phone became even beyond cure. Just imagine it, if it happens to you. Sucks, right? I attempted to calm myself down and forget about that, but actually it never worked out. All of my photos and videos were just gone due to my stupidity. I began to blame myself as f*ck, like “Why the hell did I take my phone when I was actually going to swim? Stupid me.” Seeing my phone and thinking of all the pics and videos were a huge pain in my ass, but the biggest problem I had was that I wasn’t able to continue to enjoy my trip. Yes I know, it’s not the end of the world, it’s just a phone, shits happen and what matters is that I’m healthy and I’m in such a beautiful paradise. I got lost in deep thought, but then I started talking to myself. “Just forget about it, I’ll think about it when I’m back home, photos are just photos, what counts is I’m here.”

In the night the Filipinos and I went clubbing. Usually I hate dancing and I hate it even more when I get forced to dance in front of so many people, but well, the story diverges when there’s a great atmosphere, alcohols, friends and some tobaccos…It was a beautiful night indeed.

Sometimes I believe in destiny even though I always consider myself not superstitious. I got to meet Sander and Gema at the hostel and this dutch guy gave me a significant life lesson. I know it sounds a bit unreal, how does a stranger who just met an hour ago give you an important lesson of life? But he really did. He kinda read my mind, I was completely shocked.

Sander – You look worried, I can read your mind. You have too many worries in your heart.
Me – You are scaring me. How did you know it? Are you a mind reader?
Sander – No, I’m not, but it’s easy. Whatever you are worried about, don’t ever worry. It’s a big waste of your time and energy. Life is too short to be worried.

I don’t know how to describe how happy I was to get to meet him and know him. Funny though, it was just a couple of hours that we were drinking, smoking and talking to each other, but seriously I felt as if I had known him already for a year. Sander, if you are reading this, thank you again. You really saved my little butt…

Special thanks to Zen, Christian and Hil as well! It was my pleasure to meet you guys! 😀


I would have been lost without you guys. I mean, how many times did we get to come across each other? Thank you guys and hopefully I see you all soon, no matter where.

Peace and love.


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