A Malaysian adventure : Kuala Lumpur

Hello all!

Jeez, I have been tired to death the whole week. Working is always so grueling, no matter what I do. But as always, I feel thankful for having a job to do, so that I could earn money to travel the world again soon.


Before heading to Bali in September of 2015, I had some time to wander Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian capital. That’s the hugest advantage you get by using AirAsia. Every single thing in the world has its pros and cons, right? This airline is overall not so bad, most importantly they always provide insanely cheap flights through the whole Asia, however they’ve got a strong tendency to have flight delays and the problem is that they happen quite often.

Back to my story in Malaysian capital, It was only a night, but I had some pretty good memories from the city. It’s a multi-cultured country where Indians, Muslims and Chinese have settled down. In one specific area you may feel as if you’re in Mumbai, but if you go further and head to another area, you will find the same feeling as you felt in Shanghai, China.


Regrettably I landed up in the city at dawn, so my plan was going to the hotel I had booked and relaxing as much as I can, but once I noticed that they’ve got an awesome nightlife, I decided to go out and enjoy the night out there! It was really cool to talk to the taxi driver by the way, he sounded as though he knows everything about Malaysia from shabby local food places to luxurious places where only rich people are welcomed.


I’d eat my hat if I don’t happen to gain at least 5 KG once I begin living in Southern Asia. In other words, their food is amazing. Make sure to visit Kuala Lumpur’s night market.
Note – It’s next to impossible to define Malaysian cuisines since they are too multi-cultured including the food.


Most of Malaysians I’ve met in my entire life are either very positive or realistic. Not being biased of course!



The national mosque was very interesting – It actually helped me to learn about their culture, that’s also one of the concepts when I travel around. Learn a new culture and break stupid preconceptions.



  • Terrific traffic jam : Well, It’s a big city. Deal with it.
  • Grab some cash! : I was declined to pay with my credit card all the time.
  • Taxi : They have a very nice taxi service, usually I try so hard to not use the taxi regardless of where I travel to, but in Kuala Lumpur I couldn’t stand of the crazy weather. I don’t think I’d be able to live in the city or actually anywhere in Southern Asia. I’m a winter person! 😀

Peace and love


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