Birthday, Friends and Happiness in Zurich.


Looking back, working in such a cosmopolitan company for half a year was worthy. 90 mins going to the workplace and another 90 mins coming back home, It sounds bothersome, right? I completely know, I swear I wasted half of my body energy on the metro. Yet, there are many positive signs as well. I made a very good friend who I actually contact with even now and I got to meet lots of people from Europe and the US, overall it encouraged me to learn and keep working on foreign languages. The company I worked for in 2013, it’s headquarter is located in Zurich, Switzerland, known for one of the fewest neutral nations. To be honest with you, visiting a wealthy city and spending all the money I have in my pocket wasn’t a convincing idea to me, but then, when I was in Berlin, I contacted Verena, a German friend of mine that I met in Malaga, Spain back then. She told me she was staying in Zurich in order to settle in and keep studying. So I immediately got a flight ticket bounding for Zurich from Berlin. Even now, I don’t know why I made such a pressing decision like this, but you know, sometimes standing up and facing new things bring positive consequences. Best of all, meeting up with Verena after over five years was a big pleasure. I still remember all the memories I had in Spain just like yesterday. Well, funny though, people say I’m extraordinarily absent-minded which means I tend to forget things very easily, but that just belongs to my lifestyle. I don’t like to remember bad things, I only want to cherish good memories. Without preamble, A week in Zurich brought me a great new feeling.


I think Zurich likes you!

That’s what Verena said to me when we eventually managed to meet up in the central station of Zurich. It wasn’t easy to follow our plan actually as the station is huge and I had no internet connection. I dared to ask to a random girl to use her phone and thankfully she let me use her phone, then I found out where Verena was waiting for me. Cool, isn’t it? It felt so unreal to meet her up again after 5 years. Crazy, crazy and crazy. From time to time I try to look back on the past, especially the happiest and laziest moments in Spain. Verena was one of the people I met out there, she wasn’t staying in Spain for too long, just like the others. We sometimes partied and talked a little bit, but then she left for Germany, shame on me, I didn’t go to school on her last day, that means that I couldn’t even ask her contact or something. And guess what? A few years later I found out her Facebook and we got through to each other. Back to my story in Zurich, indeed, the weather couldn’t be better, the sun (which is rarely seen in Switzerland), the fabulous scene just next to Limmat fascinated me.


Zurich makes anyone photogenic


Compared to Berlin, Zurich is less crowded, maybe it is as noisy as Berlin, but I felt much more calm and peaceful in the Swiss city. Taking photographs is a plus as it’s a very nice place to take a picture. If you across the river and keep walking to Zurich’s old town, I swear you will see lots of people taking photos and hear how the camera clicks. That being said, I really loved strolling the old city. If you feel like relaxing yourself, that’d be the best idea ever in Zurich.

With Arno, my only Swiss friend 🙂 Despite having a massive flu, he came to the town to meet me up! As you may have guessed, he’s super tall!


Lucerne, Luzern or whatsoever



As you already know, there are three official languages in Switzerland. German, French and Italian. But then we can doubt and ask this question.
“Do they speak German as the Germans in Germany speak?”
The answer is no, they’ve got a very fancy accent according to many Germans. Obviously they understand each other and have no problem to communicate, but not the same either. People in Switzerland use “Merci” in stead of “Danke”. Very casual, I’d say.

So, one day I visited Lucerne (Luzern in German). It’s like one hour away from Zurich, so it’s so cozy and easy to go there and come back to Zurich in the evening. For some reason, not explained, I was always eager to visit the city and wander, maybe it’s because I watched a very romantic movie based on the city in the past. What’s the name of the film? I don’t know, I’m not even sure if I remember it correctly. However the short exploration in Lucerne was really cool, I had a nice coffee at a Swiss-styled cafeteria and kept walking through the old town. As the old city is quite small and one thing I admire about it is that there aren’t so many hills. I questioned myself “Would I be a lot happier if I were born here? Well, at least it’d upgrade my qualify of life.” Seeing the beautiful lake and thinking who to thank was my favorite.

Alles gute!


Absolutely it wasn’t planned, but thankfully I spent my 23rd birthday with Verena and her flatmates. I don’t know what Swiss people do for celebrating someone’s b-day, but I guess that every country has got pretty similar ways to celebrate it. I still feel so thankful for the time, it was so precious. By the time we spent my birthday party, my cuisines almost got ready. Not being mean to myself, but I don’t consider myself to be a skilled cook and I wasn’t sure if the Germans, Swisses, Austrians and Luxembourgers would like my cuisines. Surprise, they did. Life occasionally is not so shabby 😀


I got invited by Verena’s parents for a brunch and it was awesome! 🙂 I totally noticed why Verena always smiles and stays positive. Let’s say – Positiveness delivered by the parents.

Daytime / Evening


Zurich is chameleonic, in other words it has got various attractions. In the daytime, Zurich is quite busy as it’s the Swiss economic capital, I mean not many people are aware that Bern is the capital, it seems like everyone knows Zurich, but not Bern. In the evening on the other side of the fence, it’s rather calm and romantic.
Interesting fact – Apparently a ton of rich travelers come to Switzerland in order to purchase new watches.


Shopping in a flea market.

Birthday, Friends and Happiness. How can I not like Switzerland? 🙂

Peace and love,


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