København, Danmark


When we start to discuss about one country, we tell how the people, the culture, the food and the best places to visit are. Personally, Denmark is a very specific country that I’d like to settle in and get to know better about. A week in a summer season in Copenhagen was like a sweet dream. The welfare, the colorful architecture and the people. Copenhagen offers you much more things that you ever could imagine of.

A summer day in Danish capital


As usual, the best shot to wander around Denmark is a summer season as they have a cruel winter. Luckily, I was there in September. No heavy rain, no depression nor anything annoying happened. I couldn’t stop to keep saying “Wow” every time I was in the old town of Copenhagen. I just love their reddish city architecture, just as their national flag.


I had a feeling that Danes love their flag and I’d probably love it also and be proud of it if I were a danish citizen.


I presume A sense of rivalry must exist everywhere human-beings live. Of course, I don’t like it when it comes too much and causes serious fights and even wars. Other than that, it makes everything much more interesting. Italy with France, Germany with the Netherlands, USA with Canada. But hey, the calm, peaceful and coldest people ever also have that sort of a sense of rivalry. Hard to believe it, right? Swedish and Danish people have a very odd relationship. They like to make fun of each other, but definitely not mean to offense. The first joke that I heard from a Swedish friend of mine about Danish people was about bestiality. I sincerly hoped he was kidding (or I didn’t want to believe so…I mean I’m okay with everything, but having a sexual connection with animals? I mean they could do whatever they want, but…I just don’t want to imagine it) but apparently he wasn’t. As of 2015, they eventually announced to ban bestiality. Let me guess, now Swedes lost one thing to taunt about Denmark 😀 in Denmark, nothing is impossible, apart from having sex with your dog 😉



It’s impossible to describe how beautiful this place and how much more fascinating it can be during the summer season. Nyhavn literally means “New town” in Danish language. All the tourists visiting Copenhagen drop by there and make as many pictures as possible because it’s a photogenic space. Ceri, my couchhost and I one day went on a boat tour to explore the whole city, we could have done by walking but as it was a super hot day and we weren’t motivated enough to walk around the whole city, we decided to take the boat. I’m not really sure how many times I repeated to say “Wow, so beautiful!” “Wow, I’d be the happiest man if I were given a chance to live here in Denmark.” the whole time. Well, expressing my feelings is not so bad, is it?



Don’t ask “How many languages do you speak?”


No, Don’t do that. Danes are gifted when it comes to learning languages. As Danish not being so useful and in nature it’s not used anywhere aside from Denmark, they learn a lot of different foreign languages starting from Swedish and Norwegian which must be the easiest ones to learn and speak to some very different languages like Russian. English? Sure as shooting. It’d be impossible having a language barrier in Denmark, if you ever do, it’s your problem 😉 Our tour guide is a pretty splendid example to praise Danish people’s linguistic ability. He spoke a perfect English and German. I almost deluded him into thinking he was a native speaker. I’m not exaggerating, even some British tourists next to us were asking each other if he was from the Great Britain. Of course not, he was danish, very very danish. Speaking of languages, I personally find Danish language a bit brusque and insipid. At times it could sound like German, sometimes Dutch, of course my opinion, it doesn’t have the distinctive melody as Norwegian and Swedish do. Perhaps it does, but I can’t hear and tell right away that it does. Not being aggressive, but to me Danish language sounds as though someone speaking while having a really hot hot-dog in his mouth.

Christiania (Fristaden Christiania)

One day, Ceri somewhat convinced me to go to Fristaden Christiania, the hippie town in Copenhagen, where hippies have settled down. So we headed out and how interesting it is. As the final outcome, it wasn’t as scary as I expected it to be, the smell of marihuana, a big number of dogs playing dead, people dressing up so interestingly and most importantly, no photography is allowed over there. If I’m not mistaken, An american tourist was beaten to death a week before I visited and the reason was he tried to take pictures of the hippie and they couldn’t stand. I know it sounds awful, but let me tell you “When in Rome, do as Romans do.”
Anyhow, I hope you are tempted to go there when you are in Copenhagen. I think you must. It’s an amusing place, unless you show off your expensive camera.

Scandinavia = Coffee

I think I already mentioned how much the Nordics love drinking coffee. Danes also love coffee and it’s big part of their life as well. Plenty of atmospheric coffee bars are scattered around every neighbourhood in Copenhagen, you might have a luxury problem choosing where to go. Most of coffee places over there have extensive menus and outstanding quality of coffee. No disappointment. Among all, my favorite was Risteriet, Studiestræde. It’s located in the heart of Copenhagen. God, I think I really miss the time there. Enjoying the sun while having an espresso.
* Address : Studiestræde 36 1455 København K, Danmark *

Of note – Every single coffee bar in Copenhagen provides free wifi connection, in case you need.


  • The Little Mermaid : Andersen is from Denmark. I spent my childhood on reading his books.


  • The Round Tower : It’s the oldest functioning observatory in Europe. Also the place to see the overall view of the city. You gotta climb a little bit in order to get to the top though! Well, I can tell you – No pain, no gain 😉



  • Calrsberg : I’d give the honor to the founder of this fantabulous beer, perhaps a Novel Prize, If I had a chance. I’m not even sure how many bottles of Carlsberg I drunk.

Hard to forget the feeling to be on the way to Copenhagen from Malmo, Sweden. Crossing the bridge, committing myself to the fresh air I get through the windows, the incredibly beautiful sunset, the music I hear and the palpable excitement for exploring a new city…Man, It was superb.

Peace and love.

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