Hejsan, Helsinborg!

Just a short trip but it was totally worth visiting. I went to Helsinborg in such a cold day last January. For some reason I really wanted to wander this city before leaving Sweden and I finally made it. Not terribly far from Gothenburg, it took around 2-3 hours to get there. But in winter season there’s unfortunately not much to do, first of all Swedish winter is very hostile and second of all the beautiful scene that I already had seen through internet couldn’t be seen in winter season, well, you know, the clouds, frogs and everything. It could have been worse though.

Sweden, How can I not like you?


I loved the trails a lot, everything in the city is connected to each other since it’s a small city, I had a bunch of nice photo shots and then kept walking. It was so freezing but I couldn’t be bothered to stop.


I stopped by at a pretty convincing art gallery and had a look for a while. I can’t even describe how much I love the Swedish art. The colors they choose, they balance of each color and the text.



Once you are in Helsinborg, you really need to see Helsingor, the danish city. I mean it’s really amazing that it only takes 20 minutes to go through the border (kind of) and arrive in a different country. The boats run every ten minutes but I recommend you to check the timetable before you adjust everything. Other than that, it’s really easy to get there and come back to Helsinborg. Interesting, huh? People say it’s almost the same but in 20 minutes you will hear a different language and a different flag.


Here’s a tip when you are on the boat. There’s a duty-free shop and it’s worth having a look and buying something in case you find something interesting. What you should be aware of is that there is a strict (not necessarily but still…) rule. I couldn’t buy head-phones because the lady said the boat was in Danish sea and then ten minutes later when we got in Swedish sea, she let me buy them. How interesting is it? I don’t know the purpose of the rule but at least it’s funny.

Good god, it was such a grueling day since I was in the train almost all day long but once again, I tell you it was totally worth. Helsinborg is a really beautiful city, I find it shameful that this Swedish diamond hasn’t been considered as attractive as Stockholm or Gothenburg. Hopefully it will be a beautiful summer season when I get back to this city.

This view is everything.

All the love,

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