Le Magnifique Paris


Ever feel disappointed when you travel around? That’s what happens when your expectations are way too huge. When we talk about, say Europe, the first cities that cross our mind are London, Paris and Rome, well, there must be some exceptions but mostly people think of those cities and the fascinating views they see through pictures and videos. In my case, it’s a bit too hard to disappoint me as I’m a very easy going person and I don’t easily feel frustrated even if the outcome doesn’t come with what I expected before. For me Paris couldn’t be a better example of my “expectations.” Thinking about it now, the thing was quite funny because I believed what people told me about the french capital. Guess what they said? Obviously not really positive words as they got robbed in a midnight so that they had to ask for help to the police and surprise, they couldn’t be bothered helping the poor foreign travelers. The awful smell in the main station, scary atmosphere you can’t even imagine, arrogant people and what else… Well, but there’s no need to believe what everyone says, because Paris could be someone’s paradise as well, it always is up to the person experiencing the city, how they enjoy, what they do there and who they meet up.

I went to Paris in 2009 for the first time and honestly I don’t remember any decent stories to tell you because it was only one night and I didn’t do a thing, I only remember the rude lady in my hotel who didn’t want to give a shit about me. Let’s say the first impression of Paris couldn’t be worse. And then I went back there some years later with a grown-up mentality.

Paris is everything, from shopping to historical museums. Traditional and luxury French cuisines to very exotic Arabic foods, it just depends on what mood you get in. I loved walking through “la Seine”. I couldn’t be more entertained ever, seeing the beautiful river with some nice music. In general I’m not fond of putting headphones while I walk around, especially in such a city like Paris but listening to “Someone like you” by Adele while walking the riverside is just a different story.


We made our way to Montmartre, one of the “MUST-GO” places in Paris. It was a bit grueling at first as it requested me to climb up the infinite stairs but it was definitely worth. Then we found out a perfect place for photo shoots.


It’s always so crowded, so please don’t expect it to be peaceful or anything. Well you know how A big and famous city is like. Paris is Paris, that’s what I’m going to tell you now.


the Musée du Louvre, oh dear, how can I describe the importance of this museum. You really gotta see this place once you are in Paris because there are lots of pieces of art you can only see there, nowhere else in the world. Funny though, I had to leave the museum as I got in there too late on my first visit, that’s why I went back very early even before lunch on my second visit. It at least requires a couple of hours to see the whole museum. I warn you again, it’s a big museum.

The best time to visit the Eiffel Tower is definitely a Saturday evening as it’s even more beautiful in the nighttime and even more interesting people come by in the weekend. Mostly they come with their lover or friends and I’m not wondering why. Everyone may have imagined of taking a photo in front of the beautiful tower, that’s probably what you are there for.


Champs Elysees is the best spot for shopping, if we say shopping you probably would imagine some very luxury french items, of course they could be them but also nice handmade articles. People from all over the world come to Paris for shopping for a reason.

It’s pretty easy to move around in Paris as the metro runs everywhere in the city. Once you are in the city you may walk as well but in case you are not a very sportive person, I recommend you to take the metro because sometimes it’s nicer than being exhausted and knocked down.

Besides all these well known touristic spots, there are a ton of interesting places to visit. It could be a bar where all the people come and get drunk or it could be a small photo exhibition, I mean it doesn’t have to be an official one that everyone has to know, but I tell you, in Paris, everyone could be an artist and anyone can make love. in Paris, oh well, in whole France, even young children talk about art works, philosophy and the real meaning of each masterpiece. It’s not so easy to not like this country 🙂

I just started to wonder when the next time I’ll be there will be…

All the love,

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Hello world, I'm a treasure hunter of life experiences. I'm curious minded with a strong force for discovery and adventure. These days I spend most of my time living out of a backpack, traveling from one country to the next.

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