Wanderlust – Alsace, France

Bonjour à tous!

I’ve been thinking what to post for a while, having visited to a lot of different places and most of them were already posted, in the meanwhile there are still a lot to write about. What I’m gonna write right now is about my Alsace trip. Alsace, it may not sound as familiar as Paris. I got to visit the beautiful province three years ago while wandering the whole Europe. Not for too long though as both Strasbourg and Colmar are quite small to explore.

Strasbourg is in fact the most beautiful city in France I’ve been to, well, it could be a very tricky decision to make though. I liked Nice and Bordeaux as well, Paris? Hmm It’s everyone’s favorite so let me leave it at that. Strasbourg on the other hand is one of the cities that I’d like to go back and settle down in. There must be a proper reason to be somewhere, right? In case I get asked the reason, I’d say the attractive french accents there. As a french learner I found their accents way more beautiful than anywhere else in France. There might not be a grand-scaled difference, it might be just owing to the fact that I loved the whole city and my adventures up there.

Cathedrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg

The whole city is walkable, so if you already are tired of taking buses and trains, Strasbourg will be super easy to travel. But still it’s the capital and largest city of the Grand Est region of France and more importantly it’s the official seat of the European Parliament. Sounds interesting, right? The beauty, the importance of the city, the brilliant atmosphere and nice views.

Musee Historique de la ville de Strasbourg (Strasbourg’s historical city museum)

As soon as I got off from the bus station I headed to the tourist office which was pretty surprising, it was really early, if my memory serves alright it was around 7.30 AM and the office was already open which I didn’t expect. So, I got a map in my hands and walked along the whole old town. The only thing I wasn’t satisfied with while I was in the city was the terrible weather, but I couldn’t blame anything since it was November and the immense cold was coming by.

If you already have been to a couple of cities in France, you would definitely feel the difference between cities of Alsace and the others. Walking a fine tightrope between France and Germany, hearing German language as much as French, distinctive atmosphere. You don’t see them everywhere in France.

Petite France

This place should be many people’s purpose of visiting the city and I don’t wonder why. If you are into photography you definitely need to go there and get so many pictures. in Petite France, everyone can be photogenic. Don’t forget to grab an ice cream before entering the beautiful town, and also, put earphones and listen to some nice French songs while you walk along the whole town.



When you feel like you are done exploring Strasbourg and if you still have some time to visit another, move to Colmar! French trains are often late but they really are comfortable and fast.

in Colmar, you will feel as though you are the main character of a cartoon or something. “Petite Venise” is definitely one of the MUST-GO AND SEE places there. So many foreign travelers coming by and taking as many as pictures as possible within a limited time. I got lost in the middle of nowhere but I just noticed that there was nothing to worry about because Colmar is a really small city and almost everything is connected to each other. So even if you feel lost, don’t worry about it. See the map you have and go anywhere you want.


Stay tuned, I’ll be back with another adventures.

All the love,

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