Let the adventure begin.

Hi all,

Look who’s back. I recently have been insanely busy with work. Speaking of which, I was always wondering how these people survive from this huge amount of work hours and surprise, I’m actually proving it myself. Well but it’s not as bad as the feeling I had started this job with. First, it’s definitely an honor working for a professional sport club. Somewhat I’ve always wanted to work related to sports which I’m fond of and it just happened 🙂 So, I feel pretty thankful. Obviously there are lots of things that I don’t understand (I probably will never understand) but as usual I’m trying to see the bright side only. I believe that everything works itself out the way I want it to be if I really keep hoping it. God, things change, don’t they? Knowing myself and looking back, I was always so scared of trying something new. I know that it’s not only me getting afraid but it’s kinda unnecessary to feel bad even before giving a challenge. Well, that’s my plan. Pushing myself to stay optimistic and loving myself regardless of what I do and whoever I work with.

Got to stay at a decent hotel in Cheongju where the KOVO CUP was held. A Tea time is always a must!

Our team’s new season has begun with a bang. We played in the KOVO CUP which is like a tester tournament 2 weeks ago. It was a big shame that we weren’t able to get through the semi and hold the champion trophy just like we did last year, yet being the third team out of six isn’t that shabby either. My hungarian player played awesome through the four games he played. Have I mentioned what I actually do? Well I translate, but it’s not as easy as it sounds like. I get extremely nervous before every single game and it’s still continuing. I really have no clue how to make myself calmer and peace. Once I tried to speak to myself…as weird as it sounds. “Well you can do this, it’s simple. You just tell what the head coach says to your player and vice versa.” It kinda worked but obviously making a decent conclusion within 30 seconds is a grind. I always have thought I was witty and had a great sense of communication but unfortunately I’ve been just a clumsy rookie thus far. Thankfully my player Krisztian seemingly has adopted my distinctive way of speaking (I honestly wouldn’t say it’s so distinctive or fancy but speaking about sports is a different thing, I assure you.) and so far we have been getting along very well. He’s only 19 now, so not many people worldwide are aware of him however from what I’ve seen until now he has the potential to be an outstanding player in the future. (He already is) Besides everything I really like how he tries to get used to a new culture. When you leave home and live so far away you definitely get to face hard moments. Food, new people, culture shocks, language barrier (I assume it’s a big pain in the ass for him) and so on. Everyone needs some time to acclimate to a new world and luckily he’s thus far doing really good. Training here must be onerous compared to what he’s used to in Europe. Looking back to volleyball history here, many foreign players failed to adapt this special (heavy) atmosphere and sport culture and it absolutely caused problems to get along with local players. On the other hand, this guy has been such a great company to work with! I feel lucky about it. We made it to Seoul a little bit when we got some free time. After the arrival of her girlfriend his life here seemingly has gotten a lot better and she’s absolutely helping him to focus on his work. Welp there’s something I want to achieve as soon as possible though. DRIVING! As of 2009 I haven’t had much experience driving so I’m super clumsy. I actually have given a try several times and no surprise that It scared the pee out of me, but now, I’m slowly getting better. Told ya, wait and see. I’ll get better.

Man, who thought I’d be on TV? That was actually one of those things that I wouldn’t like to do. I’m a shy guy and being on TV was just out of my picture, but you know, in life anything unexpected happens all of a sudden. As Krisz got chosen as MVP of the match against the Bluefangs he was interviewed and for sure I was there as well 😉 Seriously, I don’t even know why the hell I was speaking that fast. But all in all it went quite fine. I hope he gets chosen as MVP as many times as possible in the championship.


We had a media day on Wednesday and it was indeed even tenser than the first interview. God, I’m so happy that I did it good 🙂 I was actually expecting some interesting questions for the seven foreign players from the journalists but they supposedly didn’t really want to use their creativity (or they don’t have one…?)


“What’s the first Korean word you learned?”
“Annyeonghaseyo (literally means hello!)”
“Something funnier?”
“Zuketa (I’m dying! lol)”

The championship is starting tomorrow and we have our first game on the 19th. I’m thrilled to see how it’s going to be. I’ll see how I can help the team best. Thus, in case you see me on TV, don’t get surprised! 😉 But I’d appreciate if any of you give some meaningful feedback! Hope that we get the win in our first game!!

All the love,

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Hello world, I'm a treasure hunter of life experiences. I'm curious minded with a strong force for discovery and adventure. These days I spend most of my time living out of a backpack, traveling from one country to the next.

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