Level up

Wow. I blinked and two and half months have gone by since taking this job up. Well, what should I say? So many ups and downs, great feelings, loneliness, sadness, infinite questions and so on. I totally knew that I would have zero time to spend by myself and I believed that it wouldn’t be such a huge problem and guess what? I miss old times having some moody candles in my room and listening to good songs. But apart from this I have been pretty okay. Our team now is in the 3rd out of 7 teams. Besides the top five teams are very close to each other hence we have some good chances to go up 🙂 I’m super satisfied with it considering this team only had 7 wins with 17 points through the 36 games last season. We already won 6 games with 20 points and the second round is not even over. What a development, isn’t it? 🙂 Well, sportsmen never get satisfied. They are so demanding and never want to stop asking questions.

Interpreter aka his shadow.
Man, this game against the Bluefangs was incredible! Our team hadn’t won a match against them over 4 years and we finally did it!!
I’m not only an interpreter. I do many things actually 😀

Life here is absolutely grueling but I’m still trying to learn something from it. Besides everything I love the feeling I have before every single match. The first 3 matches in the 1st round were a good example to speak about it. I couldn’t even sleep as good as I normally do just owing to excitement. As an interpreter I feel most alive when my player plays good after the translation I give. Obviously it’s not an easy job. Basically I gotta listen to what the coach says during the 30-second timeout. I have various experiences when it comes to translating but I don’t think I have ever felt this pressed. Does it sound so bad? Actually not, I really started to like it a lot. As time went I slowly got a skill that I couldn’t even imagine of having. Guess what it is? Now I’m capable of summarizing such long instructions into a quite convincing message. “Don,t panic, don’t panic, relax and take a deep breath.” Well, although it makes me a bit embarrassed but this was what I kept saying to myself during the 1st game of us and we won this game! 🙂

Fans day

One awesome advantage of being a member of a professional team is that we get to travel a lot. The seven teams play home and away games and they base on different home cities. 4 teams are very close to each other and the rest 3 teams are a bit far away from the capital.


And you know what? I love playing far away from our camp just because of the fact that we stay at pretty good hotels. The spa, the food, the coffee time are way better than what we do in the camp. We have 2 away games this week which means we will be staying at hotels as well. God, I’d love it!!


Have I mentioned how bad I am at driving? Actually that’s not true anymore. I started to practice a little bit and I slowly got much better. I even managed to go to some amusement parks by driving. A friend of mine who was in the car with me encouraged me the whole time while I drove. Well, looking at the outcome everything turned out to be better. Parking is a formidable job still but with some practical practices I will be better and able to park anywhere I want. At least I hope so!

Until then,
All the love


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Hello world, I'm a treasure hunter of life experiences. I'm curious minded with a strong force for discovery and adventure. These days I spend most of my time living out of a backpack, traveling from one country to the next.

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