Merry Christmas and Happy new year!

I wish all of you a wonderful Christmas. Personally this year has been quite awakening, I have learned a lot of things from life. At times I had to overcome some bittersweet experiences but very rarely unforgettably amazing moments came up. I guess we all live hoping for those sweet times that barely come to us.

I got a few hours to celebrate Christmas eve, well what to say…it was pretty unexpected as I thought I would have zero time to celebrate it. We went to a fancy hotel near the Seoul tower and had some drinks and chitchats. I also got some pretty charming photos as well.


As a language geek, I couldn’t be bothered to ignore this.

Merry Christmas (English)
Buon Natale (Italian)
Joyeux Noël (French)
Feliz Navidad (Spanish)
God Jul (Swedish)
Hyvää Joulua (Finnish)
Fröhliche Weihnachten (German)
Vrolijk Kerstfeest (Dutch)
Veselé Vánoce (Czech)
Sretan Božić (Serbo-Croatian)
Boldog Karácsonyt (Hungarian)


2016 totally has been a heavy year for myself. Got back home from Europe in February and after a while I put myself into competitive job hunting and luckily got a pretty cool job in March. I guess that’s the biggest description of my spring this year. I basically did nothing so special apart from working and being on the way to work and home. Believe or not, I spent more or less 30% of my human-body energy in the tube and buses. Working is always grueling, no matter what I do, however I held out my ass off thinking of my new journey next year, besides I met some awesome people in my work place.
I mentally got a lot stronger in the summer season, I suffered with depression and found nothing realistically helpful to solve it. In the meanwhile I worked, worked and worked. It sucks when you’re mentally unstable and frustrated and still gotta work for life. Well I guess the only reason I could overcome this shitty period was my grown-up mentality. Some years ago I believed that depression is impossible to cure, not even with some expensive medicines but here I realized something – It’s all about your mindset. Stay optimistic, believe in what you do, smile, think about good things only. Man, overthinking is definitely hostile, once you get into an infinite thinking mood, you never get to be out of it.
In september, my comfy life had become way different, it was something I never had expected or hoped. I caught this job and thus far I have no freedom right here. Money is great and working here is not so bad, just like nothing in the world is all about sunshine or butterflies. For a couple of weeks I struggled a lot as this monolithic atmosphere never belonged to my lifestyle. Everyone needs to suck for a while in order to get used to something, right? For me it took some weeks and that’s just it, obviously there are still a ton of things that are hard to understand or I will never be able to stick with, but as I just had learned in the summer season, I question myself to think different. I totally know later then when I’m about to finish this job I would probably miss it.
Hopefully I still stay as positive as I have been so far in 2017 and be able to present myself as an “enthusiastically optimist”. So, as the first step of being an optimist I choose to believe 2017 will be awesome.

Everyone, have a fabulous 2017.

All the love,


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Hello world, I'm a treasure hunter of life experiences. I'm curious minded with a strong force for discovery and adventure. These days I spend most of my time living out of a backpack, traveling from one country to the next.

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