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I’m like wowed right now, first, I wonder how faster time will continue to pass. Christmas and then New year and then it even started to pass quicker. Life here got a lot better though. Actually a lot. Our team is now at the 3rd out of 7 teams. It’s definitely a big success especially considering where this team had to end last season. It was pretty nightmarish! Nevertheless, still every single game is like an endless adventure. You could never imagine how many ups and downs exist in one game. If we win, everyone is super happy, actually they couldn’t get happier, if we lose on the other hand, you never know what sort of horrible things are gonna happen. It could be being scolded for no reason or just experiencing a mysterious silence. Looking back, I had such a rough time to get used to this environment. From my standard of sports, it’s more like enjoying the game and even if I (or we) get defeated, I just try to stay calm and forget what just has happened. However my personal standard ain’t seemingly accepted here. Once I got scolded for laughing when we lost in the 2nd round. I may have looked like a stupid guy who didn’t even pay attention to the disastrous team vibe. Well, afterwards I never say anything when we lose, unless I need to.

The biggest surprise so far – We beat the Skywalkers by 3-0 🙂 The team effort was great but It couldn’t have been possible without this guy.
Mi foto favorita 🙂

We might be on the way to the play-offs, maybe too early to talk about it but I’m still keeping myself optimistic and trying to open my heart for everything. I wouldn’t get frustrated or disappointed even if we don’t make it. That’s actually one of those things that I learned here. Well but the thing is that we are having an awesome flow and great chances to make it happen. Of note – If we really advance to the play-offs, it will be our first, which means like a historical result. At least the fans and the players are hoping for it I assume.

Fans day 🙂

It was the All-star game day yesterday and luckily Krisztian got chosen as one of them, so I had the honor to be there for the 1st time. I mean I had watched a few all-star games before but not in the gym and obviously had no chance to be close with the players. Life is definitely mysterious, who on the earth guessed I’d be in the locker-room with the All-stars and having lunch with them? On the first day we had so much fun with school children who wish to play volleyball (or already have started). Cheonan is like a volleyball loving city and a lot of kids came to the gym to meet the players. I wasn’t there as a player but if I ever were, I would be honored to give them volleyball lessons. They were so nice and followed the instructions the players had given.


We had so much fun as well 🙂 It couldn’t have been better because I met two translators working for Samsung Bluefangs and KGC (Women’s team). Well you know, when you have at least one thing to share you can be best friends with anyone. That being said, I wished we were given more time to have chitchats.


It seems like volleyball has taken big part of my current life. We have 2 more rounds to go unless we make it to the play-offs. So I will be talking about it at least for one and half month more 🙂 Some of my friends have asked what my next plan after the season is, but I seriously have no clue. Let’s say I don’t want to think about it too early. I’m a last-minute decision maker and I believe there’s no need to rush in adjusting life plans. But for sure, I will leave this country for a while and get to travel the world. I have some plans that I have been thinking of but nothing is certain now. I will see as I go. For now, my job is my life and the only thing I want to focus on.

That face I make when our team gets defeated. I completely fail to stay poker-faced.
스크린샷 2017-01-23 오후 10.31.27.png
World, meet my new baby 😉

All the love,

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Hello world, I'm a treasure hunter of life experiences. I'm curious minded with a strong force for discovery and adventure. These days I spend most of my time living out of a backpack, traveling from one country to the next.

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