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Buona sera a tutti! Woho, first anniversary of my WordPress! 🙂 Feel so honored!!

Unbelievable, I have belonged to this pro volley team for over 6 months already. I was thrilled what sort of experiences I would get when I debuted as a novice translator. I don’t think I could easily express how my experience here has been thus far. The season is being very closer to an end as we have only two games left. Phew, I believed and I really hoped that we would make our 1st play-offs happen but unfortunately things didn’t go as we wanted. We all have tried our best though and I’m sure this team has the potentials to be a much better team next season. Well, I feel so bittersweet at the moment actually. I have been eager to feel freedom a lot, I’m not saying I’ve been in a prison or something but since lifestyle here is communal living there are a lot of rules to abide by. But honestly all those experiences got me stronger, both mentally and physically. When I say physically it really means it. Following the schedule based on pro athletes for non athletes is such a hard job. Even if we do walk or run the same distance, they never get tired but I do 😀 But thankfully it didn’t happen a lot.


Still, lots of positive things as well. I love the feeling we get when we win the game, in particular against the three strongest teams. God, nobody could stop us in the 4th round, we actually rocked back then. Too bad though, if we could keep the amazing shape in the 5th round we would probably have made it to the play-offs already. Well, what is done is done and regret is no of avail. – such a great expression for this 😉


Translating analysis paper materials into English has become my favorite as well. Looking back to the first time doing it, I presume it took over than two hours. But now it doesn’t even take an hour, I could make it within 40 mins if I type fast. People develop a lot, don’t they? I don’t know how helpful my translation is but hopefully a lot, because I always make my efforts on them.

스크린샷 2017-03-04 오후 11.11.15.png
My big favorite hotel and its new night view. But we never got a win in this city…not even in the All-star game. 😦

Speaking of volleyball – in my point of view, the biggest attraction volleyball has is that there’s no way the players bump against each other, say it’s a gentle sport. Well technically they do bump and it causes a lot of bad injuries. But leastwise it’s not as intense as basketball. I also like the fact that everyone has a different role out there on the field, which means the better team-plays you play, the higher chance you have to win. Volleyballers always have to play “rock-paper-sciccers”. When they win this little game, they have big possibilities to score, block and dig otherwise they give one point to opponent. Funnier fact – In volleyball, anything could happen in a second.
I gave my first try on serving and I got praised a lot, what a surprise huh? I must have looked so dull but at least I managed to pull the ball over the net 🙂 I suck at defense though, I wonder how volleyballers overcome the pain when they get the ball on their wrists. One of our players told me once they get used to the pain it’s no longer painful.


16266102_10211981385273778_2447306853302109058_n.jpg스크린샷 2017-03-04 오후 11.52.16.png

Funny fact – I totally got addicted to finding pictures I’m in! I stalk some strangers on Instagram, search in internet and as soon as I recognize myself I capture right away 😀

Overall this adventure has taught me a lot of more than I ever thought I would be coming back home with. Of course, it’s not over yet, I have one more week to go. The final outcome could be 4th which has been our goal or even 5th. Let’s see how we are going to end our last round up. I can’t simply believe the end is approaching. I will probably miss this tight community life and also the people I’m staying with 😉

스크린샷 2017-03-04 오후 11.24.42.png
Zsofi went back to Hungary last week. I questioned myself several times what farewell present should be given to her and there you go 🙂 hope you like it!!
스크린샷 2017-03-04 오후 11.21.39.png
With Miki san. A big applause to her, she made it to Seoul from Japan just in order to watch our game.

I hope ‘happy to announce that we made our goal happen and eventually finished the season with 4th’ will be the first sentence I will be writing on my next post 🙂

Until then stay tuned!
All the love,

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