Enjoying San Francisco


Yo folks! A big greeting from right here California! Who’d have thought I would be in the States and enjoy the fantabulous sunset of California this soon? So, everything went extremely fast. Last week as soon as I finished translating job I spent quite many times on finding a cheap ticket flying anywhere. I mean seriously, I almost booked a ticket to Laos or Vietnam but hey I wasn’t that rushing and tried to see what was in there. Guess what I found out in the last minute. I got this crazy cheap ticket from Seoul to San Francisco, it costed only 220$ which is amazing. I don’t think I have traveled with this price in my entire life. I mean, have you? Thus, within 3 days I did everything. I got my banking jobs done, bought everything I would need, packed, said bye to some of my friends and etc.

Flight – China Eastern Airlines (Seoul/Incheon->Qingdao->San Francisco)
* The immigration wasn’t extremely bad actually, considering the fact that all the foreigners have had difficulties of entering the States. I just got asked how long I’m gonna stay in the States and what for. Not much at all.

And now I’m here in LA! Those four days in San Francisco was insanely incredible. Looking back, I always had severe times to get to used to a new country and also the time difference. To me the biggest problem of traveling far is “Jet-leg”. But thus far everything has been just perfect. I haven’t gotten sick (yet…which is weird, I oftentimes got sick upon my arrival to the first destination of the trip) and have met great people and having a wonderful trip.

San Francisco is a pretty small city, especially if you compare it to LA, thus it’s really easy to explore the downtown. Funny fact – I thought San Francisco might be a really tricky city to travel around due to lack of transportations but actually LA is supposed to be worse. I basically have been moving with Uber almost all the time otherwise no chance. Uber should be the answer when you are in Western United States.

IMG_0601IMG_0602IMG_0603Unfortunately A heavy rain was the first thing that welcomed me. Californians don’t seem to care about raining too much though.
Oh, “Diversity” could be a fit word for the city I guess. If you keep walking through the downtown you will reach the Chinatown and if you go further there’s little Italy where you can try Napoletana Pizza (I went there with Michiel and Sammy but my pizza was pretty shabby, my bad choice though!) Also Spanish seems to be used everywhere in the city, oftentimes more than English as many South Americans are living and working in the city.

IMG_0599IMG_0600Union Square – It’s like the most common meeting point for San Francisco inhabitants. It gets even more alive when there’s no rain.

The fisherman’s wharf – It’s definitely one of the must go places in San Francisco but to be completely honest I felt a bit bummed. First of all it’s really crowded, not even able to move my body as much as I want while I walk around. It’s really stunning though, there are lots of great spots for photography and decent food places to have dinner.

IMG_0561.JPGIt only costed 2.99$ from my hostel to Fisherman’s wharf. Uber, you rock! At least in the States.

IMG_0501IMG_0502IMG_0503IMG_0504IMG_0505IMG_0506IMG_0507I wouldn’t recommend you to stay here for over two hours. Maybe a coffee-break must be perfect if the weather is sunny.

The golden gate bridge – the San Francisco particular
When you google “San Francisco” I’m quite sure the first picture that pops out is the bridge. I’m not trying to exaggerate but you should visit there once you are in SF. Tricky to get there and it asks you to walk and climb a bit more than usual but you definitely think it’s worthy.

IMG_0510IMG_0514IMG_0515IMG_0522IMG_0527I couldn’t be more fortune as I was with Ron, the Irish guy living in San Francisco. He kindly asked me to go to the bridge and there was no freaking reason to say no! It was pretty much a coincidence but who cares? I really enjoyed the time. Man, the view I saw over the bridge was unbelievably beautiful.

Of note – It takes a longer time if you want to take the bus for example and buses in SF don’t come often. You better watch out the timetable.

IMG_0263.JPGWith Sammy and Michiel, both from Belgium. I met them in the hostel and we went to eat out several times and had good ones. Michiel is currently studying his master course in the US and Sammy on the other hand is just traveling like me.
They walked 20km last Saturday ๐Ÿ˜€

Lombard Street – It’s a very nice hill you could walk by. You will be able to see the whole view of San Francisco. Small hill so you don’t have to worry about climbing ๐Ÿ˜‰
I questioned myself if I had seen this view before and I was right. I watched it through a documentary about San Francisco more or less 15 years ago, I know it was a really long time ago but apparently it impressed me a lot.

IMG_0547IMG_0549IMG_0551IMG_0554I wouldn’t say it’s a must-go place that you would most likely regret if you don’t make it while in San Francisco, but definitely worth visiting once! Especially with someone you love. Because the hill itself is seemingly very romantic. (I walked alone though)

A clear definition of spring’s arrival.

with Ege and his Turkish friend. I once again felt that the world couldn’t be smaller. His friend (I don’t remember his name, I apologize) is seemingly studying at a language school which I was working for 4 years ago as an intern. I mean yeah it’s a metropolitan company and has branches everywhere but hey still ๐Ÿ˜€

Twin Peaks – If you’re fond of photography, you definitely couldn’t ignore this place since this is where photography is for! I don’t think there’s better spots in San Francisco than Twin Peaks in terms of pictures. Too bad though, the weather couldn’t be worse as soon as we got there by Uber. Thankfully Ege and I went Dutch for Uber thus it wasn’t that expensive. He’s a very good photographer besides. Thank you for those pics!


Stay aware – Getting to Twin Peaks without car is definitely hostile, you better rent a car or use your best friend “Uber”. I’m not a taxi lover but that’s one of those things that you gotta used to when you are in California. Plus, Uber drivers are super friendly. They are willing to help you however they can, nice to talk to and obviously experts of the city so you may ask anything to them if needed.

Foods – How can I forget this part? Never. You gotta eat just like the Californians!


I haven’t tried “In and Out burgers” yet. Everyone recommends me to try it so I probably will try it here in LA since it’s like California’s specialty.

Things that I like about San Francisco

1.Freedom – California is known for its freedom and among all the cities of California, San Francisco is named as the most free city. Well I don’t know yet though, I will see. But it’s true. From gay marriage to marihuana and actually every single thing can be considered as “normal”.

2.City structure – All the touristic spots are connected or leastwise close each other so it couldn’t be easier to explore the city! Although the transportation could be better. But we have Uber!

3.People – They are extremely happy and friendly people. Actually everyone I met, from the girl of hostel front to every single Uber driver. You know what holds your first impression of the city, or even the country itself! ๐Ÿ˜‰

4.Sunset – No explanation. Just see and you will agree with me.

Hostel I stayed for 3 nights : San Francisco International Hostel (140 Mason St, San Francisco, CA 94102)
—> Opinions : Very nice location, close to everything. Friendly staffs and very social lounge but the room is quite uncomfortable and there’s only one restroom&shower place each floor. Thus you’d better be patient a little bit.

Have you been to SF? How did you like it? ๐Ÿ™‚

All the love,

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