Los Angeles, California

Hello all!

So, today officially marks the one week date from leaving home. After San Francisco, I headed to Los Angeles, the biggest city in California and I’m literally enjoying this city a lot! I have been here for four days and in consideration of its size, even a week won’t be enough. At least that’s what I feel. Even though both San Francisco and LA belong to California they are so much different. Transportation in LA is problematic, you know when you can’t move around at all if you don’t have a car. Thus, Uber is definitely a must here unless you have a car or someone coming to pick you up. So far this city has entertained me a lot in various ways. In particular the weather is just perfect. The sunshine and the blue sky are so much fun to have around me.

Little Tokyo & Arts District

First day of my stay, I headed to Little Tokyo and Arts District. They are seemingly not very well known among tourists nowadays but I thought it was worth visiting those places and I was absolutely right. Little Tokyo is literally very small, you can just walk and take a look at fancy Japanese stores. Besides, if you feel hungry you can try Japanese food places out there. I was told that they are very good, almost like the local food that you eat in Japan but I wasn’t hungry at all.
Art District is my favorite place in LA. This gritty area has given new life to old industrial buildings whose history often dates to the early 20th century. You can definitely take some fancy pictures out there. The buildings look super vintage, colorful and diverse. Luckily I got to get some nice pictures in the district. Quite funny though, as soon as I found out a small building that I wanted to take a photo in and I put my camera on a random car and there were some guys behind me waiting for me to finish it.


Me – Oh sorry! I didn’t know you guys were there.
Them – No, no rush honey but we need to go right now. But we will for sure wait if it makes you happy.

Dang, where are these people from? Why are all Californians so nice? To be honest I haven’t met any unkind people here during my trip, at least so far. One of them took a very photo of me and I really liked it.


Santa Monica Beach & Venice Beach

Definitely must go places! I mean what’s your first imagination you make when it comes to Los Angeles? The beach, right? Santa Monica Beach is considered as the most beautiful (but most crowded as well) beach in LA. Michiel and I took an Uber from where we stayed and it costed around 18$. Man, the beach is incredibly beautiful. People there look super happy regardless of what they do. It could be surfing or just laying down on the beach and enjoying the sun. Michiel went for surfing but I didn’t want to wet my body so I stayed on the beach quietly and took some nice pictures. Throwback, I got scolded big times by my instructor in Bali when I pushed myself surfing so whenever I see some good surfers I tend to look back myself struggling 😀 But I don’t know, maybe in the future I will try surfing again.

IMG_0649IMG_0650IMG_0739 2IMG_0746IMG_0773 2IMG_0774 2IMG_0776 2IMG_0778 2

So beautiful! I was asking myself “What if I have a life like these people. Enjoying the sun, having nice foods with great people…or is it too much to ask?” Quite sad.

IMG_0647.JPG스크린샷 2017-03-30 오후 11.07.25.png

We walked through the shining beach and had some pretty decent tacos. Whenever I say decent, it really means decent. No more than that, no less than that. Well, I wouldn’t pay 9$ for what I got but it was okay and I don’t complain about it.

IMG_0727 2.JPG

Pacific Park

If you keep walking further from Santa Monica you will see the Pacific Park, It’s an amusement park where you can see the beautiful view of the ocean and enjoy fun atmosphere.


Be aware – Everything in this area is double priced. I never eat in crowded and famous places because I know that they are expensive and not very good. Simple fact.

Venice Canal

I almost forgot about the Canal and was heading to another place, then realized that there’s something I definitely had to go and see. Everything wouldn’t have been possible with Uber, seriously. They take me everywhere I want. Well, if you overuse it that means that it’s going to be costly, but in LA that’s what you have to accept.

IMG_0749IMG_0752 2IMG_0757IMG_0759IMG_0764IMG_0766 2

It’s never like the real Canal of Venice, Italy but worth having a look.
All those houses around the canal are superficial but very nice to look at. Well, frankly I’m jealous of those people living there. Imagine that, they must go through the canal everyday, no matter where they go and come from and there’s beautiful beach 5 minutes away. I’m just wowed.

Hollywood & Chinese Theatre

I was actually boomed, perhaps my expectations were a lot higher than the reality. I wouldn’t recommend you visiting the Hollywood if you get disappointed easily. It must be the most energetic place in LA though.

IMG_0782 2IMG_0783 2IMG_0785 2IMG_0787IMG_0791 2IMG_0793

Fact : To be realistic, from Hollywood street you can barely see the Hollywood sign.

Getty center

After visiting the Hollywood I headed to The Getty Center. It’s technically a big art museum but also provides many different things. The garden over there is super beautiful. I don’t really get touched or anything by flowers or something similar but Getty center’s garden is definitely nice to look at. To get to the Getty center you gotta use shuttle tram which is free. Once you arrive in the center you will be able to see the museum, have a nice walk through the garden, grab some photography and have coffee or food. It has become one of the must go places in LA and I don’t wonder why. Though it’s a bit far from everything so you need some efforts. I paid 17$ for an Uber ride from the center to where I stayed.

IMG_0796 2IMG_0797 2IMG_0798 2IMG_0806IMG_0812IMG_0816IMG_0819 2IMG_0822IMG_0827 2

The Griffith Observatory

God, I love this place! Have you watched the famous film “Lala land”? The background was the Observatory, nonetheless, this place always has been loved by the tourists even before the movie came out. It’s a bit hard to get there though. There are shuttle buses you can take but as I  departed from The Getty Center by Uber, my ride was way easier. Other than that you have to find a spot for parking and everything which can be pretty disturbing. But as soon as you get done, you will see the fantastic view of LA including the Hollywood sign. I’m not so much interested in astronomy and I don’t think I will ever be but for a photography lover like me, the rooftop of the observatory is a perfect place. Crowded, busy, a bit unorganized and difficult to take a good place to take pics but if you get more patient, you can manage everything you wish just like I did yesterday.

IMG_0828IMG_0829IMG_0830IMG_0837 2IMG_0683IMG_0684IMG_0694IMG_0697

Alright, ready to see my favorite shots?

IMG_0688IMG_0883 2IMG_0882 2

Larchmont Village

It’s a place that I don’t want the others to know. You know what I mean, right? Everyone has their secret spots that they want to keep it peaceful and not famous. For me this is it. The street is very small, I stayed for 3 hours though. I had very nice brunch with chicken and salads, one of the best ice creams that I ever have had in my entire life, shopped a little bit, grabbed some bitter espresso and kept walking through the beautiful and lively village. Did I ever mentioned that I lost my sunglasses? I really have no idea what happened but when I checked my back, it was empty. So I got pretty nice sunglasses for 55$ (59.5$ including the tax).


I recommend you to have nice brunch in the village, so the best shot for visiting should be 11-12ish. There are some romantic looking brunch restaurants. Fortunately this village hasn’t been famous (yet) so I felt not so many foreign tourists came by today. But locals definitely love it.


It was sooooooooo nice! 🙂 I was actually planning to have In&Out burger somewhere nearby but Prado totally caught my attentions and I loved what I had there. For my the vibe of the food place comes first, normally it’s the food but I’m a bit different in that sense. So I’d recommend Prado if you want to have nice brunch with alive vibe.

Happy man waiting for his meal.

Prado Restaurant – 244 N Larchmont Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90004


My favorite gelato place! I assure you once again – one of the best ice creams I ever have had in my entire life! 🙂
Actually Salt & Straw already has been a must come and taste place, seemingly also among foreign tourists. I got strawberry and I still can’t forget the taste. Yummy!

Salt & Straw – 240 N Larchmont Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90004

Beverly Hills

Not much of a thing! Just typical superficial American shopping streets. The hills are where all the famous celebrities live but I don’t think I’m interested in seeing how wealthy their life is. 😉 Apparently there are a lot of tours, in case you’re interested, you may probably join.


Too many stories to tell! I’m going to head to San Diego tomorrow morning, I was thinking of staying in LA a little bit longer but I also think it should be nice to get to know another beautiful city in California. Sooooo, I will be back with my San Diego adventures! 🙂

Until then.

All the love,

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