Ah love, San Diego

Hi all,

Guess where I am! I’m currently in Montreal, Canada. Enjoyed the beautiful pacific sea of California and thought it would be nice to feel some cold air. My stay in San Diego could never have been better. The friendly people, the incredibly nice landscapes, the beautiful seaside and also the foods that I had there, absolutely amazing.

Little Italy

I headed off to San Diego from LA. I used “Greyhound” which is a budget bus company traveling the whole USA. Bus was supposed to arrive in San Diego at 11:30ish but due to some issues we got at 12:00. After my check-in at my hostel I definitely needed some rest. I have promised myself not to rush regardless of what happens, that’s actually what I learned from my last trip. The busier schedule, the more tired you feel. So I basically stayed at hostel and chilled out a little bit. And then moved to Little Italy which is full of Italian restaurants, bars and gelato places. Transportation in San Diego is really cool, especially if you want to compare it to LA’s. Trollies go basically everywhere, there are also buses going through various routes.

IMG_0946.JPGI would recommend you guys to get this card when you travel in San Diego. With this card you are allowed to use the trollies and almost all buses hanging around. 2$ for purchasing this card and 5$ for using it unlimitedly for a day. Touristic spots in SD are basically connected each other and walkable but oftentimes you would feel to take some transportations.

IMG_0949IMG_0950IMG_0951IMG_0953As soon as I arrived I found out this interesting market. I mean look at the weather over there, I’m not surprised how come people in California are super optimistic and smiling all the time.

IMG_0955IMG_0956When you are somewhere that Italians live, you gotta eat pasta! That’s the deal.

Solunto – 1643 India St, San Diego, CA

Just chilling and having a walk through the town.

Old town

Once upon a time, California belonged to Mexico, thus there are still lots of marks which make you feel like Mexico in California. The old town itself wasn’t very interesting to me. I just walked through and left.


Seaport Village

Definitely a must go place when in San Diego. I was fortunate to stay very close to this village as I walked from my hostel to this beautiful place. I guess every single tourist visiting SD comes and checks out how it is. It’s a really cool place to get some photos, grab a coffee or even a gelato unless the weather gets capricious and does something very unusual 😀 Although the whole California is well known for its fantastic weather, in particular San Diego.

IMG_0982IMG_0983IMG_0985IMG_0990IMG_0992IMG_0993This view is what I had imagined before my arrival in San Diego. So charming!

IMG_0998IMG_0999IMG_1001IMG_1002The Kissing Statue.

IMG_1005IMG_1011“Peace is looking at a beautiful sunset and thinking who to thank.”

IMG_1006.JPGIMG_1015IMG_1021IMG_1024IMG_1030IMG_1031IMG_1037IMG_1039Anyone could be photogenic in this spot.

IMG_1061.JPGResting a little bit with a cup of coffee 🙂 I love how American Starbucks runs things. Also the baristas in California are super friendly.

After visiting the Seaport village I came back to hostel and met Milo, one of my dorm mates for dinner. He’s a really cool man from Serbia but currently living in Marbella, Spain. What a coincidence, huh? Marbella is very close to where I used to live in Spain, called Malaga. We talked a lot about various themes from countries we have visited to our future plans. It’s amazing how open-minded human beings get when they get to travel.

IMG_1067IMG_1068IMG_1069Tasty foods with great people = Amazing vibes!


Balboa Park

It’s a famous park in San Diego, one of those “must-go and see” places in town but honestly I didn’t find any attractions from this spot. However many other travelers have enjoyed their time in the park. Museums, street art, (oftentimes) flea market, peaceful places to have a nap and so on. The weather got extremely warm when I got there. Milo and I decided to climb a little bit from little Italy to the park, man I thought it would be easier but owing to the fact that there are infinite hills everything had become so challenging! It was a great walk though.


Coronado Islands

I got extremely lazy the day after which I shouldn’t have been because the weather in the afternoon became so worse. I planned to visit Coronado Islands and get some water on my body but it turned out as it was a bad idea. So windy out there and it was too cold to swim after all. In order to get to Coronado Islands, you gotta take the bus 30 from downtown of San Diego. It basically takes 40-50 minutes depending on traffic. I also got to visit La Jolla beach the day before in the night, unfortunately nothing was visible. 😦


What to eat in SD?

There are a couple of famous burgers you need to eat when you are in California. It’s like “California premium” that you can’t have in the rest of the States. I tried to find some in&out burger in San Francisco and Los Angeles and couldn’t find any nearby. Eventually  I got to find it out in San Diego in my last day. Hmm I’m not sure if it’s that good, I to be honest don’t find big differences compared to other burgers that I have taken.

IMG_1128IMG_1129IMG_1126IMG_1127Apparently In&Out burger has been super popular among Californians. From what I heard from a guy I met in the hostel, parents want to send their children to schools that have In&Out burger place nearby. Fascinating! Well for me the burger was fine but not really sure if my efforts were worthy.

In&Out burger in Sports Arena Blvd – 3102 Sports Arena Blvd, San Diego, CA 92110

IMG_1071.JPGSmash Burger is also worth trying 🙂 Our dorm mate (aka talented comedian) Malaika totally loved this place!
If you ever go there I would recommend you to put some garlic sauce on your potatoes, it’s absolutely good!

Smash Burger – 801 Market St, San Diego, CA 92101


Loved this place too. They provide stunning lunch menus, though pasta could be improved a little bit 🙂

The old spaghetti factory – 275 Fifth Ave, San Diego, CA

Hostel I stayed during my trip – Hostel on 3rd (542 Third Ave, San Diego, CA)
+1 619-595-1440

Perfect location. 5 minutes to Trolly station, many food places, bars, clubs nearby. 15 minutes to the airport by car or Uber. Great place for socializing with people, nice lounge as well. Rooms are not so big but not too small either, I just wished they had more places to charge. Laundry service seemingly not provided these days (you may ask them though). Seems like the hostel has been loved and visited the most by Brazilian and German travelers.

Have you been to San Diego? How was it and what were your favorite spots to visit? 🙂

All the love,

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