Go to Quebec City and speak Québécois!

What do you have to do when you get bored of Montreal but still don’t want to leave that city? Toss the boredom aside and go to Quebec City for a day. Quebec City has quite many interesting places to visit, since it’s a small city you won’t need even three days to explore. I mean it’s always nicer to get laid back and stay longer in one city but in my personal opinion the best duration for Quebec is 2 days, well maximum 3. There are several ways to go there from Montreal, it seems like Orleanbus is the most common one and is probably the cheapest if you manage to book at least 2-3 weeks ago. For such an impulsive traveler like me? Definitely no, thus I chose “Amigo express”. Let me explain what it is. In many countries in Europe “Blablacar” has been very well used by travelers who wish to save money as much as possible, it’s a car sharing system. So you join the website book for a ride and pay the money to the driver. Unfortunately Blablacar hasn’t reached its leverage into Canada yet so Amigo express is probably the only replacement. To be honest I prefer Blablacar much more. If you travel in Canada you might consider taking it at least once or twice because buses and trains in Canada are not very cheap. Besides you could talk to the driver and the other riders which is so much fun.

It approximately takes 3 hours from Montreal to Quebec City. I really enjoyed my ride with my driver Xavier, he lives in Quebec but comes to Montreal every single weekend to spend time with his girlfriend. It seemingly is a very common way for Montreal & Quebec people, some of them study in Montreal and go back to Quebec which their parents live or vise versa.

Interesting facts about Quebec City

1.Speak French!
Definitely. Some people don’t even want to speak French or they are so bad at English, especially elderly people prefer speaking French. However still the majority of people there are bilingual.

2.Eat Poutine!
It’s also famous in Montreal but from what I heard Quebec City has more delicious poutines!

3.Stay closer to the old Quebec
That should be the wisest decision you could make.

Old Quebec


I couldn’t be more fortune to stay with David, my couch host. He lives so close to the old town and I really enjoyed staying with him. He provided everything A surfer needed and is a very caring person. As he’s from Spain I was able to make some interesting conversations about Spain and life down there. Back to speaking of old town, it’s more as usual much more stunning when there’s a sunshine in the sky.

Quartier Petit Champlain

If I had to name only one favorite place, it definitely would be this street. It has interesting boutiques, tasty food places (even though they are overpriced), Gelato places and those buildings have very colorful architecture. Also the best place for taking pictures.


It seems like most of bars in this area don’t come and ask you to order. It’s more like you go to the barman and make your orders. I may be wrong, correct me.

NaverBlog_20170424_151857_13.jpgInteresting boots.


My legs were extremely tired but I have to admit that I enjoyed walking through this street. Stairs are basically hostile towards travelers like me 😀

NaverBlog_20170424_151904_21.jpgFunny, as soon as this picture was taken it started to rain A LOT! I mean it hadn’t even taken 2 second or whatnot. I might have been the god of rain or something…?


Next morning I had a very long walk through the old Quebec City and had very nice brunch. Oftentimes you get bored if you continue to walk the same street but Quebec never bores you, I promise, at least the old part of the city.

Speaking of French, I spent so much time on studying French in my college time and I even managed to get a DELF B1 (official French certificate that is allowed in French spoken countries) but Quebec French was definitely out of my range to reach. 😀 It may be because of the fact that I hadn’t spoken French for a long time but the way of speaking is very different from European French which I learned. Many words that are used in Canada aren’t used in France anymore as they are old but they still could communicate. Interesting, right?

Have you been to Quebec City? How did you like it then?

All the love,

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