Ottawa, Canada’s heart

After the incredible week in Montreal I headed to Ottawa, the Canadian capital. It seems like not many tourists visiting Canada stop by the capital. Plus, not everyone knows that it’s the capital. Vancouver? Toronto? Maybe Montreal? I doubted myself and asked to people who already had been to Canada before.
“Is Ottawa worth visiting? Should I go there?”
The answers I got were simply diverse. Many of them said it’s not really fun nor special so I’d better go straight to Toronto which is the biggest city in Canada or a few of them told me that it’s worth visiting since it has great environment and some entertaining museums. Okay, convincing enough. So I booked an amigo express road and headed out to the Canadian capital.

NaverBlog_20170424_211913_00Last coffee in Montreal. I miss saying “Un cafe et un croissant s’il vous plait!” Perhaps that’s my favorite French sentence.

What to do in Ottawa

Honestly it’s not a touristic city which attracts so many travelers. It’s not as melodic as Montreal first of all but I really liked the first impression of the city. Despite the fact that there’s no subway buses go all around the city, it made my life a lot easier.
Be aware – Make sure you have the exact amount when you take a bus. They won’t give a crap about the change.

1.Byward Market


It’s a district in Lower Town located east of the government and business district, surrounding the market buildings and open-air market on George, York, ByWard and William Streets. Not as crowded as Montreal’s Jean-Talon Market.

2.Rideau Canal


Definitely my favorite place in Ottawa. Unfortunately it was a rainy day and I totally got rained on, nonetheless I really enjoyed walking through the canal. I’m sure there will be full of people in summer season. There’s a very nice restaurant next to the canal, I would have had dinner there if I were with someone else, maybe with my future lover.

3.Canadian Parliament Hill


Where is Justin Trudeau? 😀


I finally had a haircut, not expectedly but I just went for it. Thank god the hairdressers from Italy saved my destroyed hair. They were simply impressed by my spoken Italian 😀 not because it’s really good, just because it’s so rare an Asian dude speaking Italian.


I always try to take a break after walking, otherwise I won’t be able to explore the city as much as I would love to. Dang my legs, they tend to get exhausted so easily, I wonder how I’m gonna overcome this in the summer…I sweat as hell 😦

NaverBlog_20170424_211925_08.jpgFound out this fancy Apple shop in a shopping mall. Apple shops in North America (both Canada and US) are supposed to be the most crowded ones among all over the world. So many users visiting the shop to purchase something new or get their phone or Mac fixed.

Amigo Express

I already mentioned about it on my previous post, I definitely would recommend you to use it when you travel in Canada or USA, saying that those are huge countries and trains / buses aren’t so cheap. On top of that having talking buddies during the ride is an additional fun in my point of view. I always used Amigo Express during my Canadian trip.

Montreal -> Quebec with Xavier,
Quebec -> Montreal with Ryan,
Montreal – > Ottawa with Sasha Rose,
Ottawa -> Toronto with Mubalamata

Have you been to the Canadian capital? How was it?

All the love,

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